After reading Bring Back the Bureaucrats: Why More Federal Workers Will Lead to Better (and Smaller!) Government, you will write a 3–5-page review summarizing and evaluating the book. In your review, you must include the following sections:

·      Introduction

o   Place the book in a public policy context and state the main point of the review in your introduction.

·      Summary

o   Comprehensively summarize the content and include material relevant to your critique and personal response. Directly reference and quote the book; however, avoid long quotations.

·      Critique

o   In your critique, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the book.

·      Personal Response

·      Conclusion

You must include a biblical or philosophical standard of constitutional government in your analysis.

You must compose this review according to current Turabian footnote-bibliography format. Include complete citations of the book and any additional sources. A minimum of 2 additional scholarly sources must be cited in current Turabian format. A title page and bibliography page are required, but they do not count toward the required length of the assignment.

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