In order to write a quality semiformal essay, it is crucial to note that the presentation of the content is refined, logically structured, organized and professional. Without these traits you won’t be able to write it successfully. Whether youre in school, high school, college, or even a working professional, writing good quality semiformal essays is indeed a useful skill to have in your life. If youre used to writing semiformal essays, youll note that clarity and tone are an essential ingredient to keep in mind once youve finished your essay. To write a quality semiformal essay, its important to note that the presentation of the content is refined, logically structured, organized and professional. It also needs to portray your personal feelings, ideas and tone with regards to the chosen subject. Another important aspect is to keep your words brief and not deviate from the subject matter at hand. Make sure to thoroughly review the project you’ve been assigned in order to completely understand whats expected from the project. To accomplish this, care should be taken when essay assignments ask for comparisons and similarities between eras, ideologies or cultures.

Also review your assignment for required word counts, tone and style, not to mention the due date. Believe me; your semiformal essay will miss out on essential grade marks if you ignore these points. Make sure to create an engaging and strong opening. Your opening should be clear & concise statement for your work. This statement sets the tone for your entire essay, so it has to be done right the first time. Consider the opening as the first thing thatll keep the examiner hooked onto it. Create an outline for the rest of the essay based on your opening statement. This outline can include a complete analysis of the essay, so that it garners interest in the readers mind to explore further. Be sure to add different points of view, contrasting or otherwise, in order to create a feel of discussion within your essay regarding your specific topic. Do remember to prepare footnotes and bibliography for the essay. These must include anecdotal evidence and personal hypothesis to be used in your semiformal essay. Adding footnotes and a bibliography helps to create a foundation for your arguments and conclusion. Draft your essay without using an overly complex structure of sentences. Ensure that your headings and subheadings have the same tone and theme. Read your essay as a third person and correct any spelling or grammar mistakes.

The crisis affected industry, agriculture, financial system and many other spheres. During the Great Depression, thousands of people were left with no money, no homes and no food. Thus, the post-war development of the USA under the rule of Republicans was influenced by many factors and was rather unstable. Taking into account all the events, we cannot say that the whole period of Republican era was not successful in economy, politics and foreign policy at all. 3. President Roosevelt’s (FDR) New Deal (economic policy) and diplomacy leading up to World War II was completely conservative, isolationist and liberal. False. Analysis of the economic policy of President Roosevelt shows that he took effective measures in the struggle against the disastrous crisis that took place in the USA and managed to improve the welfare of the country. His New Deal was a considerable turn in the US history, and it became an example for further generations of rulers to follow.

Roosevelt’s New Deal became a miracle, which the whole nation had been waiting for. However, different historians interpret Roosevelt’s policy differently. Some historians consider that it was the third American Revolution. Other historians claim that Roosevelt strengthened the fundamental principles of the US policy. His New Deal was completely isolationist and liberal, but it was not conservative. His isolationist policy is rather controvertible. On the one hand, he was the follower of Woodrow Wilson and supported his ideas of the US role in world policy. He considered that America ought to play an active part in it. On the other hand, he understood that the country tended to distance itself from world instability. Overall, Roosevelt continued the isolationist policy, without interfering to European conflicts and contradictions. He understood that it was impossible to ignore the USSR and in 1933, he established diplomatic relations with it. Another evidence of his isolationist views was Neutrality Act. According to this Act, the US President ought to lay an embargo on the export of ammunition to countries in case of a war conflict between them.

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