“”‘Health and Safety legislation imposes an unnecessary financial burden on business.” – Discuss.

B.    Should be 4,000 words (excluding Bibliography)
C.    One page should include the Essay Plan and it should not be more than 400 words. Refer to how to write the plan and some example. Refer to (Essay. Plan)
D.    Example of the Essay structure and Criteria are spelled out on pages 31 – 33 of the Course Handbook. Refer to (Course Handbook)/ (Essay Sample)
E.    The source of information / Reference used is important, most of them will be given through PDF files which you should strictly use them for reference.
1.    Royal Society: Risk: Analysis, Perception & Management (Could not find PDF/EBook) but it’s an important book and might be very helpful in completing the essay. If you did not find it online contact me and I can purchase paperback or the eBook – to be delivered to your address.
2.    Open University: The good Study Guide – Attached
3.    Bennett: Innovative Thinking in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management- Purchased From ebook.com
You can log in into my account and download the copy.
Username: ramaas_dxb@hotmail.com
Password: panadol
4.    Hood and Jones: Accident & Design- Attached
5.    The publication “Royal Academy of Engineering: Societal aspects of risk – Attached
6.    Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management and Emergency Planning Management –“Model One” – Attached
7.    World at Risk – Ulrich Beck (Did not find PDF Copy but can purchase one if you could not find it)

F.    Additional reference can be used and limited to 5 sources excluding the 7 Books mentioned above- I strictly recommend using journals as additional source of information.
G.    The reference should be based on Harvard style – Refer to course handbook “Course Handbook, Starting from Page 37.
H.    Please Make sure to reference the essay based on the reference criteria attached as it will be submitted for Plagiarism using Turnitin
For any further information kindly do not hesitate as I targeting good quality essay.

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