For your Narrative Argument, write about a time when you changed your mind in a significant way. Think about Elwood Reid?s change of heart around football and Sedaris?s stint as a French student. These experiences, either in the long or short run, altered their lives enough that they felt compelled to write the stories down. Your essay can follow Reid?s model, telling the story of an experience that changed you radically, or you can look to Sedaris and describe a time when, however briefly, you saw something differently than you?d seen it before.

In addition to the narrative techniques that we?ll be discussing in class, this assignment will require you to draw on the skills you?ve built in your previous essays. Your Narrative Argument should include:

A close reading of your own experience: tell us the story, with DETAILS, but also tell us what it means, either implicitly or explicitly.
Counter-arguments: address the way you thought and felt before your change of heart.
Storytelling: narrative arc, vivid description, your ?character? faces a conflict and as a result changes in some way.
Purpose: why are you writing this essay (besides the fact that I assigned it)? Do you want to persuade your reader to agree with you? Do you want to illustrate that allowing yourself to change your mind is important?
Evidence: largely anecdotal, but feel free to include other kinds of evidence
Rhetorical Appeals: Pathos, certainly, but also consider ethos and logos.
Audience: who are you writing to? Me? Your classmates? The academic community? Your grandmother? Knowing who you?re writing to and why will help you organize your argumentative strategy and calibrate your tone.
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