As we have discussed in class, the sinners in Hell (The Inferno) are there forever, unlike those in Purgatory, and they are punished so severely because while alive they were insufficiently contrite; that is, they never repented for their sins. God shows them, therefore, no mercy. Nonetheless, are there any sinners or is there any one sinner that you feel any sympathy for? If so, explain why. If not, tell me why.

Note: Do not use secondary sources. Other than the book THE INFERNO by Dante Alighieri. I can provide you with any pages if u need to. It is an explication de text showing understanding (in your own words) of what you have read and discussed in class.

If possible this is a separate assignment for the same class. In (one paragraph) explain: Question: According to John Locke, how does a human being at the beginning of history make a part of the earth his or her private property?

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