According to Kotter, while leadership is an age-old concept, the idea of management
1. According to Kotter, while leadership is an age-old concept, the idea of management was developed during the industrial revolution.
Select one:

True or False

2. Mexicans expect their leaders to:
Select one:

a. empower them

b. be creative

c. provide answers

d. give them independence
3. Dealing with external constituents is central to the function of upper echelon leaders.
Select one:

True or False
4. French employees typically do not expect to participate in decision making to the same extent as U.S. or Swedish employees. This may be partially because:
Select one:

a. France is a high power distance culture

b. U.S. and Swedish employees are often better trained

c. France is less collectivistic that the U.S. or Sweden

d. the French are not comfortable with uncertainty

5. In both laissez faire and management by exception, the leader only interacts with followers to correct or punish.
Select one:

True or False
6. The modern approach to charismatic leadership is primarily associated with which of the following researchers?
Select one:

a. Bass and House

b. Stogdill and Fiedler

c. Kirkpatrick and Locke

d. Vroom and Yetton

7. Which of the following are not guidelines for establishing productive mentor relationships?
Select one:

a. find many mentors instead of looking for one person

b. find mentors from senior levels only

c. informal relationships to provide causal support

d. add mentors as roles and responsibilities change

8. A U.S. manager who is negotiating in China has difficulty getting his Chinese counterparts to agree to put the details of their new contract on paper. At the same time, the Chinese managers are frustrated at the U.S. manager’s insistence to clarify every detail. This conflict is can be partially attributed to:
Select one:

a. the U.S. superiority in business interactions

b. the Chinese not trusting the U.S. manager

c. the difference in how the two cultures use context

d. the differences in the two countries political systems

9. Individualistic cultures tend to:
Select one:

a. expect people to conform to social norms before they become independent

b. emphasize performance over social support

c. focus on individual achievement

d. value material goods

10. To influence supervisors, rational persuasion is the most appropriate influence tactic.
Select one:

True or False
11. Personality is best defined as:
Select one:

a. a person’s traits based on their genes

b. a set of traits that make a person unique

c. how people behave based on their values

d. behaviors that make people different

12. _____ is defined as the ‘expansion of a person’s capacity to be effective in leadership roles and processes.’
Select one:

a. Leader education

b. Leader training

c. Leadership seminar

d. Leader development

13. In less than 50 words. Discuss the concept of a “learning organization” according to Peter Senge

14. Leaders are effective when their followers achieve their goals, can function well together, and can adapt to the changing demands from external forces.
Select one:

True or False

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