However, the accuracy of the statistical data presented by Education Review Office is arguable because the commission recognizes the impossibility of the sufficient data collection in relation to the student achievements of Māori. The reason for that is the lack of separation between the records of Māori and non-Māori students. One should also point out that the strategy plan designed by ERO does not have any specific diversification or focus even though it is said to have. For a school, it is still a voluntary decision either to introduce changes in the educational process or not. The schools do not appear to be thoroughly classified, and this can be the case of the strategy fragmentation. Taking into consideration the adjacent processes in the society, it is worth mentioning that from the Māori perspective, not only the system of education can be improved. According to Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal (2009), education is not the only challenge of Māori in New Zealand. Their cultural identity and place in the society are still the debating issues.

A part of the Māori population also faces a language barrier in the school along with the cultural one. Let us now take a look at a similar case and observe what effective local solutions can be applied in achieving strong and purposeful performance. Within the development of Māori modern social life in New Zealand, the efforts in improving the education for this minority group have also followed. Here it is important to mention that the government guarantees funding for the schools based on their needs (Ministry of Education, 2011). There should be an existing reason proving that the projects are worth investing. ] the education sector’s growing understanding” (Ngā Haeata Mātaurang, 2008), the author might probably mean that many educational institutions, state and private, got supported by the government in different ways. This surely recognizes that the government acknowledges the development of educational means for all children in the country. As a result, Te Kopuru and many other schools specialized in tutoring in the Māori language appear to be in demand nowadays. In order to conclude the two research cases, I would identify their relatedness to each other as well as to the realities of modern society in New Zealand. Along with the other references, they make up a clear understanding of the actual social problems and tendencies, which have already been taking place for decades. From the other side, the recent state of education in the country shows the weakness of the government system in managing human and other resources. Being an official language (Statistics New Zealand, 2006), Māori is not so widespread even in schools, which doubts its true status.

Remember that the author, title, and year of publication must appear in the introductory paragraph, followed by a brief summary of the article itself. The balance of the essay should be on your critique. Remain objective and write your essay from the third person point of view. The essay will be two – three pages in length and employ APA format. Street art and graffiti by Michael DeNotto. Resources for Online Study. A street art culture clash as graffiti goes mainstream by Mark Stryker. Street art in a desert gallery by Albert Vetere Lannon. First, read Kori Morgan’s article “Compare and Contrast Online Vs. • What are the similarities between online and traditional classrooms? • What are their differences? Use at least two APA-formattted in-text citations and a reference for Morgan’s article. • Are online and traditional classrooms compared effectively? • Does this comparison/contrast provide enough information? • Which of the two types of classroom is the more effective?

Submit your Compare and Contrast essay here. Click on the link again to view the resulting SafeAssign report. The Compare/Contrast Essay requires you to fully describe the similarities and differences between two things. You can call upon your personal experiences with these things but must remain objective and write your essay from the third person point of view. The essay will be two to three pages in length and employ APA format. • The Compare/Contrast Essay should be two to three pages in length. Read “Are New Common Core Tests Better than Old Multiple Choice Exams? • Find one reputable, scholarly, outside source that either supports or refutes the issues presented in the original article. • Based on the evidence found in both the original article and in the one you found, answer this question: are common core tests better than multiple choice exams? • Use information from both articles to support your claim.

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