Thoughts on Eight Years of Hubpages Participation and 1.5 Million Page Views. Updated on September 27, 2018 Don Bobbitt moreDon is a Writer and a Storyteller. He has published over 7 books on varied subjects along with many articles and commentary on his blogs. Contact Author Write, inform and shed light for others. I remember my decision over eight years ago, to not just write on my notebook, but to try to write quality works that I could share with others. People would often tell me I was a “good Storyteller” and I would even occasionally be asked to repeat one of my stories for others. This was good for my ego and I would eagerly sit down with these friends and tell my story, again. So, it was only natural for me to eventually look for a site on the web, in hopes of finding a really good writer’s site.

Hopefully a site where I and others eager to improve our skills could communicate and share our works. Well, after experimenting with a number of sites that, at first, showed promise but who eventually turned to be not what I had hoped for. I have been happily trodding along, writing and learning and evolving my skills while writing articles (called Hubs) on HubPages since then. And this morning, I realized that I had passed a landmark of sorts. Over 1.5 Million people have viewed my Hubs. Even though this is not an officially recognized milestone with HubPages, it’s an accomplishment that I am quite proud of marking down today. Over this period of time, I have written many Hubs, some good but at first, most of them were pretty bad. But, I continued to read my fellow Hubber’s works and as I did so, I picked up some tricks and new writing skills that made my Hubs more popular with readers over time. Of course as I got better, I became more and more aware of errors in my older writings, and many of them I deleted, mostly out of embarrassment.

I may be a Senior, with white hair and a lot of bad habits, but I am also arrogant enough think the next Million or more views will come a lot sooner for me. “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Long ago, after I got out of the NAVY, I got married and settled down to a family life. And during those first years, I used my GI Bill rights to attend college. After 14 years of working full-time, and helping mu wife rise three children, I also took College courses. Sometimes I could only carry one class while at other times (although rarely), i might take two or even three. During one of my classes, an American Literature course, if I remember it right, I received a grade from the Professor on one of my papers I had turned in and it upset me. And I felt the story was pretty good. Just what do I have to do to become a good writer, I felt I had written a really good story and you put a “C” on it.

Don, the first thing you need to understand is that the world is full of Good writers, in fact Good writers are literally a dime a dozen as the old adage goes. I assumed you and your fellow classmates are all here in my class to learn the basic skills necessary to grow yourselves into GREAT writers. And let me tell you now that you only need to do a few things to be a great writer; you need to Read the great writers of the past and you need to read the popular writers of today. Reading what others write and learning how they get their stories across truly helps you grow and improve your own writing skills. At the same time, you have to Write. In fact you need to write so much and so often that you reach a point where you’re almost sick of the sight of that pencil and blank piece of paper lying there on your desk. That’s the point where a real writer picks up the pencil and writes even more.

The great thing or the sad thing, depending on your perspective about this need to write is, you’ll know if you’re a writer; because a writer just has to write. Everything a real writer sees and hears excites him. It excites him because it puts ideas in their head, an idea for yet another story or poem they can’t wait to write down. A writer has this feeling inside themselves; a feeling that they just have to do that one thing a normal person ignores, put down their thoughts and stories on paper. And I see that look in yours eyes. The question you want to ask me; How can I become a Great Writer? — Anias Nin What is a Great Writer? And I have to stop here. I have no answer to this question of how to be a Great Writer. Sure, I write, I have to, it’s in my blood, and I take such joy in writing. Am I Great Writer? Well, I don’t thing so. But Lord, I do enjoy telling a good story, whether it brings tears or smiles to my audience. I’ll keep writing my stories down and someone else can determine whether they’re from a Hack, or a Great Writer. Is HubPages the best tool? Here I sit, bragging on how many people have my writing. For being there as a tool I needed and used and will continue to use as long as they’re there for me.

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