At the beginning of century, the media consisted newspapers and various periodicals and there was no radio, television and internet. In 1950s, television came to dominate the media industry and radio and newspaper were forced to rethink their approaches towards news and entertainment (Biagi, 2011). In 1962, communication satellite were developed that collects news and information around the world. It could transmit information directly and provide power to television for communicating major world events in real time. 1980s. With the use of satellite, television reported events across the world live. Various newspapers were disappeared through the competition of television news. Cable news and subscription cable television also rose in popularity with the competition of network television (Stradling, 2001). In the 90s, television and basic cable became popular. In the last of 20th century, internet media was born that links people together through their computer terminals with modems connected to telephone lines.

Through this, electronic publishing and chat rooms increased up. Along with this, it allows individuals to express their opinions freely to a large global audience. The internet includes web sites, blogs, podcasts and various other technologies for general distribution network. In this, minimal technically knowledgeable person can put his comments and views to open without expense of traditional publishing. It is also useful for advertising and promoting new products through new media (Biagi, 2011). The mobile is also an interactive media and has facility of personal messaging services. All internet services and applications exist on mobile phones. It has several unique benefits as compared to TV or the internet. It is the seventh mass medium. Mass media has great influence on American culture. Television screens and portable media players provide information through images and sounds. The influence can be seen in politics, fashion and body image and the use of legal and illegal drugs. According to media research, 98% American houses have at least one TV set and 63% has basic cable. Media convergence is the process, where several media channels come together and operate in synergy.

It is a merger of all mass media and communication outlets. Convergence is the fusion of all forms of media that results into a creation of new medium. In present, it is seen between television, radio, print and internet (Dwyer, 2009). Media convergence affects on the society and everyday life. The society is changing as per the convergence. Through this, people have graphical figure in their gadgets to deliver a mail, orally and graphically. It shrunk the distances of two places. It demands versatility in jobs of the media personnel to learn converged media technology. Media literacy is important for responsible media consumption. Through this knowledge, people can identify the positive and negative aspects of mass media that affects their everyday life (Biagi, 2011). They can use media convergence that has several new features and technology and do their work faster. With the help of this, people can communicate with others directly and send their messages and important information quickly. Media literacy is important to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of media channels and protect ourselves against demagogues. If you looking for marketing assignment help or any other topic related assignment help then you can contact us any time. Baran, S. J. & Davis, D. K. (2011). Mass Communication Theory: Foundations, Ferment, and Future. Biagi, S. (2011). Media Impact: An Introduction to Mass Media. Dwyer, T. (2009). Media Convergence. New York: McGraw-Hill International. Grabe, S., Ward, L. M., & Hyde, J. S. (2008). The role of the media in body image concerns among women: A meta-analysis of experimental and correlational studies. Stradling, R. (2001). Teaching 20th-century European history. UK: Council of Europe.

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