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American History
Within a -6 word original post, please present a thorough and clear discussion of the question assigned. Be sure to note that you must use APA/MLA format within your original post. You must use in text citations and provide a reference section. Keep in mind that it is important to continually use in text citations in order to adequately back up your points and properly credit your research materials. Please note that you are not allowed to use Wikipedia as a research resource. Wikipedia is highly unreliable since anyone may go and post within it!!
Please take note of the statement of the Syllabus which states that you are not allowed to directly take passages from the textbook, websites or other students. This will result in a zero grade. It is not acceptable to take passages from research resources even if you have provided the proper in text citations. Remember, the point of the assignment is to hear from you!! Also, keep in mind that changing a word or two in a sentence is not proper paraphrasing!!
Please choose one of the following topics to discuss:
The Jungle-Please use this as your heading and title.
Chapter 18
Research Upton Sinclair and his novel The Jungle; why was Sinclair motivated to write this novel? How was The Jungle both socially and politically influential?
Coxey’s Army-Please use this as your heading and title.
Chapter 1
Research James Coxey as well as Coxey’s Army? How was the workers’ rebellion led by Coxey a sign of the economic times? What was the end result of the protest led by Coxey? In your opinion, what impact did Coxey’s Army ultimately have on labor relations?
Robert La Follette-Please use this as your heading and title.Chapter
Research Governor Robert La Follette of Wisconsin. How was La Follette such a notable figure in Progressive politics? What were his major accomplishments during his political career? How was he a typical politician of his time? How was he an a-typical politician of his time?
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