9 we had to write about what we think about the Americans coming to Canada. The Americans are coming to invade Canada, I’m SO scared! Canada, to invade it! I’m SO scared, I think I am going to faint! That is a lot of information to take in; one day! I can handle this, I mean they aren’t the most pleasant people and I don’t want them hear! I do wonder how long they will be and since there is NO way of them not coming I do hope that they aren’t planning on staying long and that they will not terrorize or beautiful country. I know that not all of the people here are good guys or girls but I assume that they are much worse then any of us! Americans are coming to invade Canada! I don’t like them being here at all! Canadians in danger, but i don’t know they seem to fidgety, I think they will attack! I will be ready! No I must start thinking positive, I don’t know if that possible but i half to try to think that will end good and that we will all be fine. All i must do is remember that they are visitors here in our country and that they must treat us with respect! That is mostly what my friend Flonzy said! I sure do hope that she and my family are right, and that this will end very good!

By the third week, you will notice a difference in the frequency of the thoughts and also by the change in your mood and perspective. You will be feeling much better at this point and ready for the final step. Now you are feeling stronger and more in control. You are more balanced emotionally and have some degree of objectivity. Now, get a piece of paper and write out five to ten things about your previous relationship that were not working for you on the left side of the paper, the more ideas you can come up with, the better. He didnt like to see movies. He wasnt as affectionate as I wanted. He didnt call when he said he would. He hated to dance. On the right side of the paper, create a list of the attributes of your ideal partner based on what it was about the ghost lover that disappointed you. He didnt like to see movies becomes He loves to see films of all types at least once a week.

He wasnt as affectionate as I wanted becomes He holds my hand where ever we go and hugs me frequently. He didnt call when he said he would becomes He is very responsible and calls when he says he will. You get the idea. Now, go back over the list and cross out each of the items on the left with gusto. By time you follow through with the fifth key, you are well on your way to leaving your former love behind. Yes, you will still think of him occasionally and yes it will still hurt. However, reviewing these lists will confirm to you the benefit of moving on. As your thoughts about him get less and less frequent you will not only feel better, you will be amazed at how much energy you have to invest in the rest of your life. You will get more done and experience more joy than you have in months. Wouldnt it be nice if you would then meet Mr. Right and never have to detach again? No one knows what is best for you than you do. Learning to hear from and trust your own intuition will light the way for your future.

In 1889, her son Charles Edward Stowe wrote a biography, The Life of Harriet Beecher Stowe. Contained in the biography are some of Stowe’s frequently long and “chatty” letters. Hundred’s of Stowe’s letters still remain unpublished today, and are scattered among various archives. On July 1, 1896, Harriet Beecher Stowe died in Hartford, Connecticut after fighting off illnesses for two years prior. My impressions of Harriet Beecher Stowe, both on a personal level as well as professionally, are of great respect, admiration and courage. Contained within the work that I read, Harriet seemed shy and understandably, somewhat depressed as a child with the death of her mother. Nonetheless, even with such a tragic event so young, Harriet seemed to use her writing as perhaps an outlet for her emotions. As a mother, Harriet seemed to raise her seven children with the same strictness as her mother, father and sister, Catherine, believed in and raised her.

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