To the “Empty Nesters” Christmas Alone! For the first 18 years of parenthood, Christmas was a family time filled with traditions established over the years. But eventually the ‘baby birds’ grow up, fly away and build their own ‘nests’. Thus begins their own Christmas times and traditions, as it should be, leaving the parents with an ’empty nest’. On our first Christmas as a parent in 1962, Christopher was barely 3 months old. Christmas was mainly stuffed toys and animals for him, but we began establishing some of the Christmas traditions that were to become part of every Christmas from then on. Bob had some favorite Christmas memories from his childhood; I had some from mine, so favorite traditions were ‘merged’ and others were added as time went on. Christmas 1968 found us living in Lincoln, Nebraska and our family now included 6-year-old Christopher and 3-year-old Kimberly. She had pneumonia and ran a high fever and we had to ‘beg’ the pediatrician to let her stay out of the hospital long enough for Christmas morning with big brother. A scary Christmas Day, but she soon recovered.

It’s Christmas Day, 1974 in North Augusta, South Carolina. Little brother, Gregory, joined Chris fog and rain dominated the day – and night – and continued on into the second day of our two-day ‘getaway’. The end result was the cancellation of some of our Christmas Trip sight-seeing plans, but cold and wet though we became, we couldn’t give up everything we had planned to see and do! After all, it’s Christmas! The ‘Austin Weather Curse’ is a long story – best told in another Hub! United StatesWhy is Ohio hated so much in the South? Where have YOU spent Christmas? Have you ever traveled for Christmas? Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. 0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Spending Christmas somewhere warm is always a great idea, aesta1.

Glad you enjoyed the holiday season. Interesting. You sure enjoyed an empty nester’s Christmas. We did the same this Christmas because we just wanted to avoid the cold. Thanks Lady Guinevere. Yep, Christmastime changes once the children are grown and gone. The ‘decorating’ becomes a personal choice not driven by needing and wanting to make it what the ‘kids’ would expect and be thrilled with. As ’empty-nesters’ we have only ourselves to please and if that includes NO decorating or not even staying home for Christmas, that’s now our choice. I definitely MISS the Christmastimes with children, but now see the holiday in a different way. Now that is having a great time as an empty nester. We are too and I am so glad that you wrote about this. I am happy to know that I do not have to feel guilty for not decorating for Christmas. Children have a way of growing up and leaving home — but they are always in our hearts.

Happy Holidays to you. Thanks, Ruthi. My ‘nest’ is always ready for my ‘birds’ to visit. What a treasure trove of Christmas memories you’ve shared here. The birds may have grown and flown but I’ve a feeling your nest isn’t empty at all. Merry Christmas, Ms. Elf! Thanks for sharing your memories in photos. This will be my first Christmas with no children at home any longer. That Christmas was definitely the beginning of a different kind of Christmas – not better or worse; just different. As you say, Mouse, nothing stays the same forever. Since that Christmas trip, I have spent Christmas with my grown kids and grandchildren several times – Christmas is most definitely for KIDS. I really enjoyed looking at your family photos over the years! Change is always inevitable. I think it is awesome the way you just found another way to enjoy the holidays. Brite-ideas – what a lovely way to put it ‘a library of life’.

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