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Introduction – Think about being an exemplary HR professional.

Explore and research exemplary HR practice. You can also review some of the top 100 companies to work for, as this will further your knowledge about exemplary practice. Examples include HR leaders who have won awards. Take a look at these awards and research WHY then have won them.

Make a mindmap of what you think the HR best practice recipe is.
Then in comparison research poor HR practice and make a mindmap of poor HR practice. Here are some links to help you.



Read 3 academic journals that analyse exemplary HR and
Read 3 academic articles that analyse poor HR practice so you get a direct comparison. Consider cross-cultural challenges


1.Analyse ONE HR leader (from anywhere in the world) who exhibits exemplary HR and justify why this is the case (300 words)

2.Analyse ONE HR leader (rom anywhere in the world) who has exhibited poor HR and justify why this is the case (300 words)

Include 2 appendices:-
Appendix 1 Exemplary HR Practice and
Appendix 2 Poor HR practice.
Create a bibliography of the 6 articles you have read for point 4 above.
The bibliography, appendices, headings and visual images are NOT included in the wordcount