This business report should:

1. Include a brief introduction that clearly outlines the purpose of the report.

2. Provide a short discussion of your analysis of the spreadsheet findings, and identify and discuss the issues arising from this analysis.

3. Provide a short final summary of the content of the report.

4. Include at least two clear recommendations that Con can adopt.

(Follow the "Ch 5 Business Communication 2013" described in activity 4 ?Business Communications? when preparing the outline of your report.)

Issues to consider when analysing the data:

Which car categories are the least/most profitable? Is the profit level high/low? Explain.

Which car categories are the least/most popular? How might this effect profitability? Justify your reasoning.

Are there other factors which need to be considered when assessing the profitability of the car sales? Explain how such factors might be affecting Con?s overall profitability.

Are there any concerns related to the performance of sales staff that should be addressed?

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