Topic: Annotated Bibliography: Implementing models of health care in the management of client health

Annotated Bibliography

Implementing models of health care in the management of client health

Three articles to annotate (Please see attachment)

Carlyle, D., Crowe, M., & Deering, D. (2012). Models of care delivery in mental health nursing practice: A mixed method study. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 19, 221-230.

Hill, N.L., Kolanowski, A.M., Milone-Nuzzo, P., & Yevchak, A. (2011). Culture change models and resident health outcomes in long-term care. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 43 (1), 30-40.

McDonald, J., Davies, G.P., & Harris, M.F. (2009). Interorganisational and interprofessional partnership approaches to achieve more coordinated and integrated primary and community health services: The Australian experience. Australian Journal of Primary Health, 15, 262-269.

Important Assessment Information:

-Expected to support your annotation with a minimum of 3 other current literature which may be either scholarly journal articles or textbooks. The supporting literature must have been published within the last five years. This means that your reference list at the end of the annotation must contain a minimum of six (6) references i.e mandatory journal articles (3) and supporting literature (3).

-Acknowledge the source of all your information within your annotation (in-text referencing) and in a Reference List at the end of your work. APA style referencing.

-Do not include the reference list at the end of your annotated bibliography in the word count.

-Bibliographic details for all three articles are included: authors name, year, title, publisher,volume and page numbers.

-Briefly describes the purpose or aim of each article. Summarises the main ideas of each article.
Explains why (or why not) the ideas presented in the article are important, relevant or useful in the context of your chosen topic.

-Uses a concise and analytical writing style with correct Australian spelling and grammar.

Note: I have listed additional reference to support these three articles. You may use it or you may find another article for you convenience.

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