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Question: Is the question clearly stated in a manner that your abstract will support? Abstract: Within this paragraph is the question, purpose and hypothesis/null hypothesis stated? Does the abstract explain why we did this experiment? Does the abstract state the problem. Did you clearly describe what you intended to investigate? Does it summarize the methods? Did you state what factors were varied and how they were varied? Did you summarize what measurements you took and how you took them? Did you describe the controls? Did you use past tense (third person) narrative in writing this section and summarize the results and conclusions in 200- 250 words? Is all of this information given in a logical order and succinct manner? Is it it interesting and clear? Purpose/Introduction: Is the purpose of the lab clearly stated? Is a statement of how the problem arose included? Hypothesis: Is the hypothesis written in an investigative format (cause and effect)? Is it written in an If, (independent variable) then, (dependent variable) form? Did you write a null hypothesis? The null hypothesis is often the reverse of what the experimenter actually believes; it is put forward to allow the data to contradict it. Depending on the data, the null hypothesis either will or will not be rejected as a viable possibility. Materials: Did you list all materials, specimens, chemicals & equipment used? Did you include amounts of materials, chemicals etc.? Procedure: Did you give a complete account of the methods used in gathering the data? Data Tables: Tables have a table number and a descriptive title. All of the columns are labeled with units of measure. The independent variable (or variables) is placed on the left. The dependent variable (or variables) should be placed to the right. Are they thorough and organized? Did you give detailed observations?

Make colorful charts, and diagrams to help speed up this process. If you choose to listen to music, be aware that studies show you perform best on a test when the conditions, light, noise, etc. are the closest to the conditions you studied with, known as state-dependent learning. If you are an extreme procrastinator, you might try some “structured procrastination”. As the suggestion above says, do the easy homework before doing the hard homework, however not just to give yourself a sense of accomplishment, but also to avoid doing the big stuff. When it comes to the big stuff, find another larger task to avoid, like annoying house chores, to put off in order to do this homework, instead. While, in the long run, this method is not productive, because eventually you will have some really big things that you keep putting off for smaller ones, still it can be more satisfying/effective for a hardened procrastinator, to get motivated.

Some people use ‘study drugs’ in order to stay awake, hoping to stay focused. While this may be an effective way to avoid sleep, be aware that using drugs in this manner may cause unwanted side effects, such as mild depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc., and is illegal. Since psychotropic drugs work differently for different people, this is not an effective way to study. Make sure you get a good nights sleep the night before. You will be able to work better, if you are not tired. If there is something you don’t understand, write down a specific question, or mark the page in your book. Then you can ask your teacher for detailed help. If you do homework with a friend, it’s easy to get off subject and not do work in time. Of course, it’s perfectly fine to be part of a study group, if you know you can all focus. It’s easier to recall something, if you remembered it under a similar environment, known as state-dependent learning.

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