Paper instructions:
Find the Human Resources page of a company website and evaluate its effectiveness for recruitment.  The Human Resources page on a company website is usually the page that includes information about the company, job openings, how to apply for a position, benefits, testimonies from current employees, etc.
1.    From the perspective of a potential candidate, what does the company do well (and not do well) on the Human Resources page of the website?
2.    Is information communicated clearly?
3.    Is there information that you could not find on the website?
4.    How do you feel the company did in highlighting their benefit package to potential employees?
5.    Were instructions clear on how to apply (online application, submission of resumes, etc.)?
6.    How would you rate the website overall on its recruitment potential (on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being excellent)?
For the paper:
•    Information needed is on the title page.
•    Must be a minimum of 2 FULL pages.
•    Font size of 11
•    Use Arial font
•    One inch margins on all four sides

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