Aramco is Saudi Arabian company that provide consumer by gas and oil. This company is located in Saudi Arabia in Dhahran city. This company consider one of the biggest petroleum companies worldwide. Saudi economic have had relay on this company for decades before Saudi government has put a new plan of switching to a new sources of power which called 2030 Saudi Vision. This organization use different types of social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In this memo, I am going to analyze the use of Twitter.


Analyzing the use of twitter for Armco is complicated because they have to deal, and to satisfythree kinds of stakeholders.First group of stakeholders is the stack holders who take direct advantages of this organization such as the government and Saudi citizen. The second stakeholders is the rest of stakeholders in the countries who buy oil from the company. The third stakeholders is the environmental stakeholders. What I noticed in my reading and analysing their use of twitter is that they seem ignoring the first kinds and the seconds types of stakeholders and they focus in the third type. That is very understandable for two reasons. First reason is that may include political issue and political issue is very sensitive towered the legitimacy. For this reason they are being careful because any mistake in that may result in legitimacy loosing. Second reason, they have to show progress in the government progress toward 2030 Saudi Vision. For these tow reason I mentioned above they post things related to environmentissue, and social responsibility issue. This is a quate they posted in Sep 18th” At#Saudi_Aramco we are mapping all species of birds of Saudi Arabia. Tracking bird diversity allows us to identify and analyze the locations of high-quality habitats, Kingdom wide, using Geographic Information System (GIS)”. As we see this post does not relate to the company main job at all. They are trying to show that they are aware of the environment and they take environment issue in consideration. This kind of posting will not offend the first two types of stakeholders who are the most important to the company. About the third group of stakeholders, the company does not care about them too much. However, it needs to show them that it is doing something to environment. This is another quate they posted with video in Sep 13th“MoreWe are constantly exploring the ocean in order to better understand its marine life to carry out our offshore operations in the most responsible manner”. What is interesting in this post is the video they attach. The video shows that marine life is having a very good environment to live in. they ignore the impact they cause to environment and they focus in the responsibility they take to environment issue. Other thing I noticed is that they do not reply to the comments, so I think they do not care about the stakeholders they post for them.

About me as stakeholders, I can fit in two group of stakeholders. As Saudi citizen I fit in first group and as person who care about the environment, I can fit in the third group. As first group fitting, the information they post does not relate to my interest at all and about my fitting in the third group, I can see some environment issue has been taken in the consideration. However, it is not enough to handle the serious issue. I agree that everything they posted is clear but there is others affects is being ignored.

I conclusion, I think this organization care more for the stakeholders who take advateges from them so they are very careful in communicating with them. They communicate with those with formal reports in details to not make any mistake. About the third party of stockholders, Aramco needs only to show them we care about environment the show them via twitter how they handle the environment issue.

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