Technology has been around for many years, and with each generation, new technology and discoveries come forth. Contemporary people are dependent on technology than any other age before. There is a lot that the current human being can do without having to use energy or spend more time. The following essay will be showing areas where man is dependent on technology and also the reasons for the same.

First, it is improbable to find any household without the internet or a TV set or a computer or any electronic for that matter. They are used for diverse reasons, students require computers to research and finish their college work and assignments while parents will use phones to keep in touch with their children. Since the cycle and the need for this technology is imminent, man cannot prevent himself from using and depending on the technology. For example, it is essential for the student to get access to the internet (Russo, Bergami & Morandin, 2018). The reason is that it will be helping him/her finish the school work effectively and conduct comprehensive research.

Besides that, travel and communication have become essential for everyone across the globe. People need to go to work, conduct business, visit new places and all this can be possible with better transport and communication. Technology has made it possible for people to travel from one part of the world to another for trade and meetings. For example, using planes, ships, and even cars. Additionally, there is the communication part where companies and clients communicate with each other through the use of technology. With the new ways of doing business which is useful like E-commerce, technology helps a lot by facilitating communication. Additionally, consumers can contact and buy items online with a click of the button.

Man cannot help himself when it comes to making payments and transferring money. People are spread across the world, and there are long distances between them which makes it eminent to use technology to transfer money from one individual to another. Therefore, with such a need, technology becomes the solution as people can move large sums of money from one place to another. Also, there is the aspect of convenience and safety, and individuals don’t feel safe carrying a lot of cash around, so they use technology which allows them to take credit and debit cards instead. Therefore, banks and other financial institutions heavily rely on technology to facilitate such transactions.

Also, man can never be separated from technology because of the issue of food security. The population of the world is growing by the day, and there is pressure on the limited resources of which food is among. Therefore, man has to turn to technology to provide solutions for the food shortage, for example, introducing ways of producing crops that take short to mature (Murage, Midega, Pittchar, Pickett & Khan, 2015). Besides that, the same technology gives man solutions when the product is infected or infested with diseases.

Finally, the heath of man would never be better without technology. Doctors and physicians have relied on the technology to offer prescription and treatment to the sick. Besides that, there is the aspect of conducting tests, teaching using technology and also sharing important medical information with the use of technology.


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