Is Custom Essay writing Service provided by Custom Essay Writing Service academic cheating or plagiarism?

Are Essay Writing Services helping students cheat?

Contrary to what you may have read in the media, not all essay writing companies are out to exploit the idleness of that small minority of students who would prefer to pay others to do their work for them. At UK Essay Paper, we are motivated by a deep-seated commitment to the fundamental values of academic integrity, as exemplified by the world’s preeminent universities.

We have been existence for 13 years now offering model assignments and it’s a fact that new entrants may have changed the rules of the game but all is not lost to the few remaining distinguished veterans in custom essay writing services like Professional Essay Writing Service UK

The fact is that many students find writing essays and dissertations to be the most challenging aspect of their university career. This itself should come as no surprise. Academic writing and essay-structuring skills do not come easily to anyone, and it is by no means uncommon for even seasoned academics to confess their ongoing struggles with the art of setting their ideas down on paper.

What ought to be more surprising, however, is just how little in the way of explicit advice, instruction and guidance is available to students struggling with the many challenges that acquiring the skills of academic writing presents. The fact is that it is exceptionally rare for university faculties or departments to provide any kind of tutoring in the art of academic essay writing. Rather, students are expected to simply pick it up on the fly.

Obviously, if you buy one of our model answers and hand it in to your university as your own work then that’s cheating! Several students keep searching on google, “Are Essay Writing Services helping students cheat?” and end up confused since there is now clear answer to the question.

However, if you buy one of our model answers and use it as a learning aid, it’s no different from using journals, newspaper articles, question-and-answer study books or, indeed, the past paper answers that your own tutor may hand out in lectures or seminars. Our service is not cheating at all, instead it is a very powerful learning resource that can be catered to your own topic.

We specialize in offering academic guidance to students globally in thesis, dissertation term paper, research papers and essays. In a month, we normally have over 100, 000 visits to our blog  with must students seeking guidance on how to format either dissertation, thesis among other academic assignments.

These are the same arguments that have been made to dissuade students from cheating for years. And let’s face it: passing off someone else’s essay as your own basically is a kind of cheating.

But is cheating always wrong? Might there be times when it is necessary?

Here are some of the reasons why you might be considering asking someone to write your essays for money.

  • Unreasonable workload. Almost all students need to have a job outside of school. Some older students even have families to support. Many are not native English speakers and they struggle with things like correct grammar and punctuation. It’s just not reasonable to expect that every student can keep up with the workload all the time.
  • Competition. As more and more students use professional writing services, the bar is set higher. Many feel that they have to purchase online to avoid being penalized in classes that are graded on a curve.
  • Professors can’t usually tell. As their own workload increases, very few professors will take the time to compare an essay that you wrote to your previous work. Even so, they can’t prove that it was plagiarized since the work is completely original.
  • It’s a legitimate business model. In the business world, writing tasks are outsourced on a routine basis. There is a growing trend to leave writing to the professionals so that those who are not skilled writers have the time to focus on other things.
  • Irrelevance to future plans. Perhaps the essay was assigned in a core class that is unrelated to your area of specialization. Or perhaps this particular type of writing is not an expectation in your future career. In these cases, the convenience of paying for essays may far outweigh any benefits to doing them.

In conclusion, we appreciate the fact that here are other companies that encourage students to present model essays that they buy for marking. In our company Cheap Essay Writing Service UK we charge as little as $10 for 275 words since our work is model (meant to guide) and not final paper to be submitted for marking.

We would encourage everyone to come to our website and read through the services or even test the services we offer.

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