This is a three part final exam.  Complete each part as directed.  Post your exam by the last day of the semester.  You may use your book and your notes.  Good luck.

Part i–Answer each question below in three to four sentences.

1.  What is the formal definition of “argument”.

2.  How does argument differ from other forms of college writing, such as comparison-contrast, summary, research paper?

3. According to several readings in the course, what is the best response to offensive speech about inflammatory topics?

4.  What is the purpose of writing an argument paper?

5.  Give three examples of fallacies found in current television commercials?

6.  Why are religious beliefs not considered good, logical arguments?

7.  What type of evidence used to support of argument is the most valid?

8. What are the best examples of “argument” contained in the textbook, in your educated opinion?

10.  How should one judge the bias of an author?

Part 2–Answer each question in a paragraph.

1.  Why is free speech considered an important right in the United States?

2.  A famous founder of the United States once said words to the effect of–“I many disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”  Give two examples of when this principle of American rights has been tested to a limit.  Those examples are best found in the course textbook.

Part 3–

Write an essay in which you defend a student’s right to cheat and/or use writing that they have copied from the internet.

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