IGNOU, Submission of Assignment is the most important part. Writing the IGNOU Assignments is very important in completing your IGNOU course of study. I found it difficult to write my IGNOU assignments for securing good grade, that is what inspired me to write this post as I know many IGNOU students have in the same dilemma. This post will definitely help you in assignment writing process of IGNOU in easy way. There are many book stores and blogs where you can get low cost solved assignments or even free. However, those are not helpful to score a good grade/ marks. Following are some of the General Instructions and Tips for Writing IGNOU Assignments, which are useful tips for completing the IGNOU assignments on time and scoring a good marks. Study the IGNOU Study materials before you begin: Start study your study materials as soon as you got them. Write the assignments yourself: Not a tough work to write an assignment, so write the assignment in your handwrting.

This practice will also help you to score a good marks/ grade in the term end examination. Complete the assignments in time: Completing your assignments on time allows you to sit in the examination on time and thereby complete your IGNOU course of study on time. Use A4 size white (xerox) paper for writing the assignment and staple all paged carefully. Write answer in Front page only. Use your best hand writing: Write answer in good hand writing. Size of answer: Ensure that your answer for a question must be minimum of four to five page. Submission of Assignment: Use stick files and ensure submission of Assignment in a good format, i have created a sample format for submission of the assignment to study centre. Download the Format for submission of assignment. IGNOU assignments carry as much as 30% of your total marks so do pay attention to this task and take time to learn and complete the assignments. Writing the assignments allows you to learn and study your subjects. Hope above tips and help with assignment writing will help you in getting a good grade. All the very best. If you found these Assignment Help useful then please do share with your friend, as Sharing is Caring. IGNOU MBA Books free download.

Second, he revised the course material to make it appropriate for training non-lawyers outside of a university setting and began a new business offering training in conflict management and dispute resolution. Third, earning an MBA helped him realize how lawyers could be more effective in managing their activities. As a result, he developed a training program to share that learning as another offering for his new training business. Here is some essential homework you should prepare before starting a new business. 2. Observe a substantial number of purchasers and users of these offerings to see what problems they have that weren’t mentioned in the interviews. Ask the people who are observed about those problems and discuss how they would like the problems to be solved. 3. Read at least five books containing business plans that were written by people who have started reasonably similar businesses which describe the results they experienced.

4. Work in different kinds of positions at least three similar businesses for at least two weeks to find out how the businesses operate and what the key challenges are. 5. Learn about business model innovation and develop an improved business model that will attract and serve customers better than competitors. Here are some job-related homework assignments to do before you take a new position. 1. Ask people with varying lengths of experience in this type of work how long most people stay in this position and why they leave it. 2. Find at least three people who used to do this kind of work and don’t ever want to do it again. Ask them why they feel that way. 3. Locate the most successful three people you can who have done this job and find out what these persons’ views are on how to be highly successful in the position and to gain satisfaction from the work. 4. Talk to as many people as you can who have been laid off or fired by your potential boss to find out how they view working for the boss. 5. Talk to as many people as you can who have received promotions after working for your potential boss to find out how they describe working for the boss. Naturally, if you want to do even more homework, you can also add some relevant education to your preparations. If you do, study what you can use every day in the new business or job. Be prepared to succeed!

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