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Distribution Implies to channeling the product to all the places and making it available to all the areas where the customer expect it. The product should be available in the adequate quantity so that it can fulfill all the need of the customer. The management of the company tries to keep the cost of management as low as it can be. The cost involved in the distribution is making the inventory, cost of transportation and the storage of inventory. B2B marketing is the market transaction among the various businesses and not directly to the end consumer. It helps in analyzing the requirement of the company and increasing the sales of the products. B2C marketing refers to the sale of the products directly to the consumer or the end user involving no middleman in between. Technology have made the availability of the product easier to the consumer. On the basis of the nature of the product their distribution channel is characterized. There are three kinds of the categories for the product such as intensive distribution, selective distribution and the exclusive distribution. The management has to decide whether the product will be distributed by the wholesaler or the individual dealer.

On choosing the right combination of the above factors the company can gain the competitive advantage over the other. A product which is not very costly and consumed by the customer on a daily basis will be distributed intensively to make them available on the daily basis. Such products are made available to as many outlets as possible even in the remote areas. If the company will not make the products so intensely available then the people will buy other substitute which is widely available. The marketing strategy of the company can also be divided into the categories. One is push which includes the taking the product to the customer end directly. Pull strategy involves motivating the customers to do the branding of the products and services of the company. The products which are not daily purchased such as washing machine, television or the air-conditioner. For these products the customer doesn’t mind travelling to the far off places if the company gives them good value for the money.

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