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Invention ideas
Part 1:
For your invention to be deemed novel, it must have a different attribute or attributes than other existing inventions. Next week, we will be researching prior art in the forms of other patents; but for this assignment, research if any of your three invention ideas have been attempted or already exist. Don’t be surprised if someone else has already thought of your idea. For each of your three invention ideas, please write a paragraph (at least words) detailing if you found out that your idea is novel or not. If it is novel, is it similar to other inventions? Which attributes of your idea make it novel? If it is not novel, can you think of other attributes that you could add to your invention to make it novel? Be aware that for your provisional patent application to be successful, your idea should be novel. If all of your ideas already exist and cannot be improved upon by changing an attribute, please suggest another novel concept for an invention.
Length: 3-5 pages not including title and reference pages
References: At least 3
Part :
Find a patent that is relevant to your own dissertation research. If you have not picked a topic yet, find a patent in the field in which you are interested in doing your research. Identify what information from the patent could be beneficial to your research. Consider looking into any referenced prior art as well.
In addition, conduct a search of scholarly articles related to your research topic. Do any of the articles you found suggest a similar technology to one or more of the patents you proposed? Please write a short paragraph (approximately words) describing any related technology to your proposed patents. If none exist, please describe any technology discovered relevant to your dissertation topic. Please provide references to articles noted during your research.
Length 1- pages not including title and reference pages.
References: At least 3
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