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It should be said that traditionally, the printing industry and print media were very popular in these countries where the printed word always had a particular significance, while the new media were traditionally perceived with some apprehension. To put it more precisely, the print media and printing industry practically always progressed in the Gulf Arab states because of the peculiarities of the local culture and religious beliefs. It is not a secret that all the countries that are situated in this region are predominantly Muslim states and the religion plays a very important role in the life of the local population. In this respect, it should be said that the lifestyle and behavior are basically defined by religious norms and rituals. At first glance it has no relation to the printing industry and print media but it is necessary to underline that the local religious leaders paid a lot of attention to the religious education of people. As a result, the study of Koran was always important to all people inhabiting these countries.

This means that since the early childhood they were obliged to study Koran as the major source of human and divine wisdom and its basic concepts and ideas guided Muslims in their life. Naturally, people living in the Gulf Arab states have historical traditions of consuming the products of the printing industry that is apparently quite an important fact to a potential investor. This is why, due to the paramount importance of printing media to the religious leaders of the Gulf Arab states, religious institutions were traditionally one of the major sources of financing the printing industry in the region3. In fact, religious institutions were vitally interested in the development of the printing industry and print media since, in such a way, they could spread religious ideas and convert new adepts. Consequently, numerous religious institutions readily financed the printing industry in the Gulf Arab states since the end of financing threatened to the physical opportunity to spread religious ideas throughout the countries. In such a context, the printing industry and print media turned to be the most effective tool to meet these goals of the ruling regimes which amply financed print in the Gulf Arab states4.

On the one hand, print media were traditional and popular among the local population. The local print media had a good network and a stable sale rates which steadily grew while customers remained traditionally loyal to the print media. As a result, the state naturally preferred to finance this popular and widely spread media since it was cost saving and regularly consumed by the local population. In such a way, historically, state and religious institutions were practically vitally interested in the financing of the printing industry and print media in the Gulf Arab states. Nevertheless, many specialists6 underline that in recent years the private capital has increased its presence in the print market of the Gulf Arab states. To put it more precisely, private companies have started to invest money in the printing industry and print media since it proved to be really effective way of investments. In order to objectively assess the current situation with the financing of the printing industry and print media in the Gulf Arab states, it is primarily necessary to carefully research the literature dedicated to this problem.

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