Audit business memo. The Setting (Prompt): Brittney, a new associate at your firm, is confused about the role of the Audit Committee (AC) of public companies in the Financial Reporting Process, particularly as it relates to management and auditors (external and internal). As the engagement manager, write a memo to Brittney describing, in layman terms, the AC’s role as it relates to client management, and internal and external auditors, pursuant to The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

Requirement: 1) Respond in written business memo format (200- 300 words)

2) Use the following file naming convention: lastnamefirstname_Writing#1-AC memo

3) Formatting guidelines – Times new roman/12pt. font, single-spaced, 1” margin

4) Grading rubric for the writing assignment is provided below.

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