How to Fix Travel

Watch the video “How to Fix Travel” by Doug Lansky (which relates to our discussion about sustainable tourism and the cases study about national parks) and answer the questions below. Discuss what you learned from the video and also add your point of view. No references needed for this assignment. Please read the questions before […]

Protectionist Sentiment In The US

With the election of Donald Trump, the United States, and indeed the world, has entered into a new era of trade policy and perspectives on the effects of trade.  Trump promised a more American-centric (protectionist) approach to trade, and so far he has provided it.  He has triggered a re-negotiation of NAFTA, pulled the US out of […]

Treatment Of Offenders

Read the Hafemeister, T. L., Hall, S. R., & Dvoskin, J. A. article, which discusses the administrative concerns associated with the treatment of offenders with mental illness. In a 660-1980 word (or 4-6 page) paper, address all of the following: What are the major challenges confronting correctional administrators who are involved in designing and managing […]

What component of the rate of return arises from the percentage change in the value of the interest payments due to the change in the exchange rate?

Consider the following data collected on February 9, 2004. The interest rate given is for a one-year money market deposit. The spot exchange rate is the rate for February 9. The expected exchange rate is the one-year forward rate. Express each answer as a percentage. iE 4.5% E8/£ 1.8574 $/£ E08/£ 1.7956 $/£ a. Use […]