Balanced Scorecard Presentation
will do the recording myself if you will provide me with notes for each individual slide.

Balanced Scorecard

Select a health care organization that has readily available data for the four categories from Kaplan and Norton’s 1996 model. Those categories are:Preparation
Financial performance measures.
Internal business processes.
Learning and growth.
Customer satisfaction.
You may wish to select your employer; however, please do not disclose proprietary data without prior written consent from your employer. You may wish to review Web sites of large, global organizations to research case study articles on best practices for suitable organizations.

PowerPoint Slides
Develop a PowerPoint presentation with 10–12 slides that describes how you would apply a balanced scorecard to your selected organization. In your PowerPoint presentation, include:

A brief description of the organization you selected.
Your balanced scorecard analysis of the organization, including how vision and strategy connect to the four balanced scorecard elements.
Four recommendations for the organization.
At least one APA-formatted in-text citation and accompanying, congruent APA-formatted reference.
Audio Recording
Use Adobe Connect, or another instructor-approved alternative technology, to record yourself presenting your balanced scorecard PowerPoint slides. Before you begin recording, you may find it beneficial to write a script or detailed outline that you can refer to as you record.

Your recorded presentation should be no more than 10 minutes in length and should include:

A two-minute introduction.
The four elements of a balanced scorecard for the organization.
Four area recommendations for the organization.
A two-minute conclusion.
Include the notes or script of your audio recording. You may choose to includes this in the form of the completed Notes sections of the PowerPoint presentations slides, as a script you may have used when you created your recording, or in the form of a detailed outline. This will serve to clarify any insufficient or unclear audio. Note: If your notes are not included within the PowerPoint presentation itself, attach them in a separate document along with the other presentation elements.

Submission Requirements
Written communication: Writing should be free from errors that detract from the overall message.
APA formatting: Resources and citations should be formatted according to current APA style and formatting guidelines.
Number of resources: At least one APA-formatted in-text citation and accompanying, congruent APA-formatted reference.
Length: The PowerPoint presentation should contain 10–12 slides.
Duration of audio recording: Maximum of 10 minutes.
Font: Arial, 18-point font or above for headings and explanatory text, and 24-point and above for slide titles.

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