DescriptionAn outline
The introduction to your essay:
Be sure to write a strong introduction.
Be sure to write a strong thesis statement.
The body of your essay:
Body paragraph(s) for each supporting point from your thesis in the order they appear in your thesis.
Each main point should have sufficient, relevant, and credible research to support it.
Use every source (at least seven) from your reference list.
Cite your sources and use in-text citations within the outline of your body where they best support your ideas.
For example:
Body Point 1: Sentence that addresses point one of the thesis.
Supporting evidence (with in-text citations)
Body Point 2: Sentence that addresses point 2 of the thesis.
Supporting evidence with (in-text citations)
Body Point 3: Sentence that addresses point 3 of the thesis
Supporting evidence with (in-text citations)
The conclusion to your essay should reiterate your main point (thesis statement).
Your reference page with 1-1 correspondence to the in-text citations in the body of the outline.