Coming up is number one of our best ways to propose. We have quite a selection but we are going to give you just a few here. This one is exhilarating. Everyone knows your heart races when you are flying in the air because you are so high up and you can see everything. Try and hot air balloon ride way up in the sky above something beautiful. While your hearts are racing then ask her the question and have it with wine or with a beautiful flower. It will be sure to lift the mood.

Following up at a close number two is sure to bring happiness to any situation. We all know the great mystery proposal. There is a reason this made our list of best ways to propose. This has made so many happy couples have a fun and amazing proposal. Start with a few notes or a sign that gives away the first clue. Try to have something of memory such as a picture at each clue to ensure some great memory reliving on this whole journey. Then when she gets to the last clue it should be you waiting there with a sign or on one knee with a ring asking her hand in marriage.

The last way we are going to give you is our third place winner. This is the final proposal of the best ways to propose. Valentines Day is the day of love. Couples on this day can celebrate how much they love someone. Complete with great dinners, fantastic cards, and most of all with that special someone. Why wouldn’t someone think this could be the best day to do it? Bring her out for a nice dinner and you can have chocolates and flowers to compliment the wonderful meal. You can hide a ring in the chocolate box in a chocolate spot so that it can be seen with out trouble. Then when she opens the box to have a chocolate she will see the ring. When she looks up from the box you will be right there ready to ask the question while you see the very surprised look on her face.

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