Since there are generally obstacles, along the way and path of genuine leadership, it’s important to recognize, the best leader, is not necessarily, the one, who articulates a simplistic message, but, rather, often, is the individual, who carefully analyzes many relevant factors, discovers needs, goals, priorities, and constituent’s perceptions, and makes the best possible decisions, for the common good. While this may be the most popular approach, it is generally the best, and most desirable. The lesson, we should learn, is to beware of FLASH leadership, which might make you feel good, because of the empty rhetoric and promises, but, generally, avoids the most needed, necessary, relevant, sustainable decisions, which are best, for the organization. With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt, to review, consider, analyze, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why this is important to consider and understand.

1. Face facts; fruition; future; faithful: Who should a leader, be, consistently, faithful to, if he is to effectively serve the best needs, goals and priorities of the organization and stakeholders? One must, objectively, face the facts, with an open – mind, and emphasize viable solutions, rather than taking the easy path of blaming, complaining, and other forms of rhetoric! Genuine leaders must focus on the future, and address present needs, in a relevant, sustainable manner, and have the strength of character, to bring his efforts, to a desirable fruition!

2. Listen; learn; legitimate: Populist leaders claim they can fix whatever needs fixing, easily and quickly, while legitimate ones, examine, consider thorough, and proceed with well – considered, strategic and action plans. It’s important for this to be done, with the utmost empathy, and, to do so, must be ready, willing and able to emphasize, effectively listening and learning!

3. Attitude; attention; aptitude: Will you be able to pay keen attention, to what is best for the group, rather than merely your own personal agenda, and/ or self – interest? One must proceed, consistently, with a genuine, positive, can – do, attitude, and the discipline, to develop a relevant skill – set, and superior aptitude!

4. Systems; sustainable solutions: Getting things accomplished, requires effort, and a willingness to develop, create and implement the best possible systems, based on the best interests of your group and stakeholders! Organizations do not benefit from empty promises, but, need, well – considered, relevant, sustainable solutions!

5. Healing; head/ heart: It takes more effort and commitment, to focus on healing wounds, for the common good, rather than the often – easier path, of adversarial and polarizing behavior and actions! This means one must use the best elements of both, his emotional, as well as logical component, with a head/ heart balance!

Avoid the temptation to, either become, or support, a FLASH leader! True leadership requires doing what’s right and best, rather than expedient, and/ or popular!

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