BIOS 135 Week 6 Quiz

This file of BIOS 135 Week 6 Quiz shows the solutions to the following problems:

1. Which of these crosses will only produce heterozygous offspring?2. A true-breeding plant that produces yellow seeds is crossed with a true-breeding plant that produces green seeds. The seeds of all of the offspring are yellow. Why?3. What is the genotype of an individual who is heterozygous for dimples?4. In eukaryotic cells, repressor proteins inhibit transcription by binding to ______.5. Repressors block binding of RNA polymerase by attaching to ______.6. After replication, ______.7. Ethical dilemmas raised by DNA technology and knowledge of the human genome include ______.8. The end result of recombinant technology is a transgenic bacterium with a human gene that codes for marketable quantities of a human gene product. However, molecular biologists frequently have problems with the product. One problem might be ______.9. Inheritance of certain genes increases the risk of getting certain cancers; thus, it can be said that ______.10. Transcription factors attach to ______.11. A father who is a hemophiliac marries a woman who does not carry the disease. While pregnant with their first child, the ultrasound reveals it will be a boy and the tech tells them that they are very lucky, because now they know their child will not be a hemophiliac! Explain how they know this.

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