Essay topics
Discuss the following statement (pick one):
1. Boys are naturally more aggressive than girls
Baillargeon, R., Zoccolillo, M., Keenan, K., Côté, S., Pérusse, D., Wu, H. & Tremblay, R. (2007). Gender differences in physical aggression: A prospective population-based survey of children before and after 2 years of age. Developmental Psychology, 43, 13-26.
2. Infant child care leads to insecure infant-caregiver attachment
NICHD Early Child Care Research Network (1997). The effects of infant child care on infant-mother attachment security: Results of the NICHD Study of Early Child Care. Child Development, 68, 860-879.
3. It is never ok to spank your child
Ferguson, C. (2013). Spanking, corporal punishment and negative long-term outcomes: A meta-analytic review of longitudinal studies. Clinical Psychology Review, 33, 196-208.
4. Children who do not have English as a first language should receive instruction in their native language when starting school (bilingual education)
Castro, D. C., Páez, M. M., Dickinson, D. K. and Frede, E. (2011), Promoting language and literacy in young dual language learners: Research, practice, and policy. Child Development Perspectives, 5, 15–21.


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