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Step 1: Methods 1. Interviews 2. Observations 3. Surveys: 2.4. Review of Documents: I will interview the employees in groups by department. I plan to explain to them the problems that have been brought to our attention and ask for their input into what they feel the problems are and how they would solve them. I will have them complete the surveys followed by a question and answer session. I will observe the individual departments in their work settings to see how they interact with each other and their clients. I hope to see where any and all breakdowns in communication and work procedure are occurring. I hope to have more understanding of how each department works together after these meetings and observations. Step 2A: Surveys “Employees” 1. Job Title and Job Description and Supervisor. I want to learn what each person believes their responsibilities are and to whom do they report. I also may find some other areas of concerns that have not yet been reported.

2. Why do you feel some employees have resigned their positions in recent months? I hope to find out what employees grievances really are and how can the company create a better working environment for them.

3. Are we satisfying our clients and what can be done to ensure retention of our clients? Do they feel they are doing their best for our clients and what can be improved. “Clients” 1. Are you satisfied with the Roanoke Branch staff? I want to know if they are being treated the way they expect. Are they receiving what was promised in their contracts?

2. Are you satisfied with the advertising for your company/product? I want to know if they are happy with the work our agency is producing. 3. What can we do better and would you recommend our services? I want to know what is most important to our clients in the Roanoke area and where we need to improve.

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October 17, 2012

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