Business Case Report

Assessment 1


Task 1

You are required to produce a 10 minute presentation to identify an area within your company that requires New Product Development.  This may be a New Product, a New System, a New Service, or a New Process and must be produced using PowerPoint format.

Full time students or students who do not have an employer are to investigate New Product Development for a company of your choice.

It is vital that you know your company’s product(s).


This ‘initial pitch’ should be the ‘Big Picture’ about the idea/product

It is important that you:

  • Understand the product
  • What is special/different about this product
  • Understand the market for it
  • Have done your research
  • Know exactly where the product is placed within the market
  • Why it will work
  • What it is you need to do next.

Only 25% of this assessment is concerned with the content.  The other 75% is about the presentation itself.

A hard copy of your PowerPoint Presentation is to be included.

Task 2

To accompany your presentation you must provide a full Business Case Report between 1800-2000 words (+ 10%) which supports the development of the chosen product.  This business case must include:

  • a) A detailed Product Specification, detailing the Scope of Project, the Project Objectives and Requirements.


  • b)  An Opportunity Specification, estimating: Manufacturing Costs and Profit Margin, Development Costs, Projected Return on investment etc.

  • c)   A Detailed Project Schedule outlining all tasks involved and how long the development will take (Gantt Chart).

  • d)   Produce a Risk Management Chart demonstrating an awareness of the problems that could arise from decisions/action taken




This assessment 2 is required to be done. Also i have written part of the assessment 2 which has already accepted by my supervisor. I would like to add it along with the remaining work to be done, which i have attached with other files( “product development best practices” pls do check),it already counts almost 1200worsds, remaining 1300 words is to be done by the writer along with the integrated management plan.


Based on the initial presentation and the associated documentation in your business case the Management Team has decided to fund the development of your product, and has appointed you as Project Manager for the development project.

Your task is to plan all the project activity and document this in an Integrated Management Plan (IMP).

The IMP is to be produced as part of a Technical Proposal Report, emphasising Product Development Best Practices and the technical development requirements of the product.  The report is to consider the implications for the end user/customer; your company’s Strategic Direction, the Technical Feasibility, Market Risks etc. and is to be between 2000 and 2500 words (+ 10%), with the Integrated Management Plan included as an appendix.

(Note: The IMP should be no longer than 4 – A4 pages).


The Technical Proposal Report to be presented using the following report structure:

                                    List of Contents



                                    Subject Matter


                                    Findings and Conclusions




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