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Industrial Organization Psychologyyou will be an I/O Consultant preparing to advise the manager or CEO about an issue directly relating to their organization. You will be researching a specific topic related to Industrial Organization Psychology that would be useful and informative to a manager or CEO of a company. You will synthesize your findings from the research literature and present them as if you were advising that manager or CEO on that issue.
First you will find at least four journal articles on your chosen topic and write an annotated bibliography summarizing each article Finally you will then synthesize your findings in a 3 to -page summary paper of what you found, the pros and cons found in the research, and your recommendation to the manager or CEO concerning this issue in their organization
For example, you could select several articles on workplace violence and write an annotated bibliography of each summarizing their main points in non-research language, including agreements and disagreements on findings. Next the summary paper should explain why this particular topic is important to the workplace and how the organizations leaders and employees can use the information. Additionally, you will make suggestions for this organization based on your research findings. The paper should be presented in a professional way, nicely formatted, free of spelling and grammatical errors, and presented in a clear and structured way.
Annotated Bibliography must have The citation in APA style A brief (no more than 1 page) summary of each article. The summary should include: The basic premise and research question of the study The methodology Results Conclusions
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