The doom and gloom is all around us, on the T.V. news, the newspapers and it seems like everyone is talking about recession.

In times like these, every online retailer, should be looking for ways to guard themselves against the effect of the current economic downturn. It is virtually impossible to come away totally unaffected, but there are some measures that you can use to avoid the worst of the impact during these uncertain times to your internet business. It’s in these gloomy economic times that dropshipping makes more sense than outlaying your hard earned cash on stock that may not sell.

In these hard times every online retailer should be making twice the effort to keep the sales coming in and the best tactics to employ do not necessarily cost much money, if any at all, just a bit of time.

The first recommendation we have for you is to spend more time to brush up on your search engine optimization. This means that you should keep up to date with any news about how search engines work. Basically, what happens in between the entering of search terms and the return of search results? Why are some pages placed earlier in the results list than others? Fundamentally, the results have to do with having words on your site content (especially in page, section, or picture titles) that match the searcher’s keywords, spaced fairly close together. You can perform many of the basic techniques yourself while designing your site, or if you haven’t got the time to learn for yourself, then you can hire an SEO consultant to help you raise your result rankings.

Obviously this will incur a fee but may well be money well spent. There is a certain element of unpredictability, since you cannot foresee the search terms input by absolutely every potential customer but there are plenty of free online tools that you can use and a lot of hosting companies offer software that can give you the search terms used by your existing visitors. Frequently-used search terms related to a certain topic may also change over time so regular checks to update your keyword list is a must. However, you can do research and find the latest statistical data from popular search engines, and revise your site accordingly.Besides trying to design your site in accordance with the functioning of search engines, you can also try to ensure that customers find your site easy, or better yet, fun, to use. Try to go through your site as if you were a customer. Do you see any unnecessary distractions or difficult to navigate areas of your site on the way to the most important aspects of the shopping experience (i.e. finding, viewing and understanding products, and then making a purchase easily)? If so, give your site a good pruning, and then watch your profits blossom.

If you would like a deeper, more thorough overhaul, you might try hiring an analyst, again at some cost. A specialist will make a holistic examination of how your site appears and functions in a way that you may not see. Is it safe? Is it user-friendly? How might the overall site design be improved for better simplicity, attractiveness and accessibility? It is true that many online store owners can do some of the more basic aspects of this analysis themselves but in many instances site owners who hire analysts end up doubling their profits. In other words, expert advice can be a great investment.Investing in help from search engine or general consultancy experts can provide a huge boost for your business, and in these time give you that cushion you from the recession. Making your site more user-friendly is also great measure at any time, so you can draw in those customers, even in these hard times.

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