Can smart tech make firearms safer

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The guns that know who is firing them: Can smart tech make firearms safer?

In 2010, 62 children ages one to fourteen were accidently killed by firearms in the United States. Due to carelessness and neglect, innocent lives were lost. Technology has advanced so much that there may be new ways to reduce these numbers in the future. Omer Kiyani, an engineer from Detroit, has developed a technology that may provide safer handling for firearms. He calls his device “identilock”. It attaches to the trigger of a handgun and is capable of determining who is in control of the weapon. The gun may only be unlocked by the licensed owner using fingerprint sensors. This may prevent any unauthorized user from shooting the gun. This technology has been used in other devices such as the iPhone 5s and has been proven reliable.

With the vast amount of school and public shootings happening around the country, the government is doing everything they can to find a way to make firearms safer. This article discusses multiple other technologies introduced that provide the same service as Kiyani’s identilock. Gun control is a hot topic in the news right now. With new advances in technology happening so rapidly, there are high hopes that something may be done to protect from firearm accidents in the future.


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