Can You Earn a Living Writing Online? Updated on January 29, 2018 Barbara Badder moreContact Author Is it possible to make a living writing online? This is the big question many writers have. I’ll be honest with you. You’ll only be able to if you learn SEO and can write an article quickly and then it may still be difficult. You might find a high paying niche that doesn’t have a lot of competition and then you might be able to do it. You’ll need to write a few thousand articles to make it and then you still might not earn enough, but there are people that do. Can it be done? Yes it can for a lucky few. Writing online does earn a good part-time income for many writers, but you need to stick to it. It can really help pay the bills or help save for retirement. Content sites are a good way to add to your income, but most of your money will be earned from your own websites.

You’ll work more hours than you would at your 9 to 5 job. If you want to earn full-time money you are going to have to work and work hard. A lot depends on what your expertise outside of writing already is. I’ve seen a few writers that earn really good money with few articles, but they are the exception. Does Anyone Earn Enough to Make a Living? There are online authors making a living writing. I’ve met those that do, but they have multiple websites and a large collection of writing at many sites. One man claims it took him 3000 articles to earn enough to quit his job. Others state that it took 3 years of steady writing every night after work. Most of these writers live a frugal lifestyle. If you work hard and keep at it, you may be able to do it. You need to learn SEO and how to use the right titles.

Don’t worry you can find enough articles right here on Hubpages to give you an entire education. You also need to learn about finding the right niche. I myself have a nice part-time income, but I have 3 sites and write here at Hubpages. The sites don’t get as much attention from me as they could. If I spent more of my time writing, I could do a lot better. You need to set a time that you will write each day. Having your own space in your home, even if it is small will help you keep away from the distractions. You need to set goals and work hard until you reach them. Write out a good plan with objectives to reach and reread it often. The best advice is always not to put all your eggs in one basket. There are several sites where you can post your work and you can always start your own websites and blogs.

Some writers make a living from a large website. The best and most respected place to create your own site is now WordPress. There is a learning curve there, but it is easy once you’ve studied it and well worth it. 20.00 a year. This does include a free blog and a site builder. You are able to build several sites there for the same price. Customer support is good, but can take a day sometimes. Tripod is where I host my sites, but plan on moving them to WordPress in the near future. Many other free website builders are available for a low price. At Blogger you can start a blog for free. Blogger is owned by Google. Again, you need to have the right topic to write about and the site needs to be well promoted with huge amounts of content. Keep your blog updated every week. More often is better. If you’d like direct pay per article, try sites like Textbroker and Elance where you will earn a one time payment quicker. I don’t care for these sites myself.

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