I never thought there was any such thing as Louis Riel Day. I went snowboarding on family day and did a awsome faceplant cause thats just the way it is when you go off a ramp to fast. Check it out on my blog. I never knew that there was “LOUIS RIEL DAY”.On Family Day I just sat at home and watched T.V.with my family.Alsoi played with my baby sister. I did Numero 8 can go see it. I’m not sure this is the place where we are to right what we did on the weekend and on family day, but I saw another comment saying what they did on family day so I’m leaving mine here too. I had a very fun weekend; it was filled with lots of activities! I went to 3 concerts, 1 on Friday at winterlude, and 2 on valentine’s day, one was at the NAC, where I saw Oliver Jones( the person I did my assignment 6 on)and the other was at the Bronson center. I went skating for the first time this winter!

I went to a rink just out side of my house but I am hoping and probably going to go to the cannel next weekend. I went out to dinner 2 nights in a row. I went to “elephant in castle” in the rideau center. Then the second place I went to was “pub Italia” and I had some yummy pizza. I also got to eat at the bar, for the first time because there were no tables left. Then on Family day I went to the museum of civilization. To get there we took the o train, because it was free. At the museum we saw 2 IMAX movies- one on the Grand Canyon, and the other on ancient Egypt civilization. I also went to 2 exhibits, one on glenn gould, and the other one goes with the Egypt movie. I really enjoy both exhibits, I found the ancient artifacts really cool, there were some things that we around 3200 B.C. I also saw a few mummies! Those are a few things I did on the 4 day weekend, sorry for the long comment. Does your brother go by “Michael” or “mike”? Hey Mrs.Pollock I found a really cool site. My sister’s name is Maasuma she is 4 years old. Ms.Pollock I’m done my assignment number 8 post please see it and grade it accordingly. I Have found a Number of really good site about Mr. Riel.

This story is not a fluke. Evaluations, if done at all, are often undertaken only because the teacher has entered the administrator’s radar for some reason. In such situations, greatness cannot help but go unrecognized. I would go so far as to say that Teachers of the Year are not necessarily the top teachers. They are teachers with spare time. Many of the best teachers are simply too busy to fulfill the onerous essay and video requirements to be considered for a Teacher of the Year award. What, you say. You thought Teachers of the Year were nominated for doing their jobs every day. Most Teachers of the Year are self-nominated. Typical is the application for the Arizona Teacher of the Year. Teacher nominees/applicants must submit a written application that is reviewed by a panel of judges consisting of educators, students and members of the business community. Ten finalists are selected from the written applications. The 10 finalists are asked to prepare a 15-minute videotape. The final selection process includes review of the videotape, an interview and an impromptu speech by each of the 10 finalists. Following that process, the Teacher of the Year is selected along with four “Ambassadors for Excellence” and five finalists. The Teacher of the Year and Ambassadors have multiple opportunities during the year to make public appearances throughout the state, speaking to professional, civic, educational, parent and student groups. Philosophy of Teaching (2 double-spaced typed pages) – 15 points. The school administrator must agree in writing to approve up to 30 days for a substitute teacher to allow for newly-minted teacher of the year public appearances.

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