Make an argument about these illustrations through these five subjects: 1. avant-gardism and politics, 2. Making of tradition of modernism, 3. CIAM, 4. Centre/Periphery, 5. North African housing and the colonial subject………………….


Utopic thoughts that engulf the mind of a person trapped in a more complicated predicament, a situation they cannot change, but full of optimism that all will be well; as bizarre as the person’s thoughts, free thinking is the birth of utopic architecture. Laszlo Moholy – Nagy dreamt of buildings which were made purely of streams of compressed air: it is a complicated and very disturbing thought especially to persons who generally abhor or who are not brushed the right way by Professor Bernal’s idea of utopic architecture where rotating air streams are vital and paramount in the construction of house walls. What is more intriguing is the question why anyone would prefer suspension in thin air when they all can live comfortably on the earth’s surface. Radical optimism is infectious, the feeling that all will be alright eventually brings about the visions of total freedom in time and space just as suggested by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy who dreamt of buildings with walls made of streams of air. The image evokes a future where all people are free from their obligations and they walk through the whole universe through a grid that provides communication and energy, it is a utopic idea of a floating city which I find rather bizarre and frankly impractical.
Laszlo Moholy- Nagy(1942), Space-Time and the Photographer, American Annual of Photography.

The Superstudio was created by a group of young lads who despised the future and who also did not like the glam past. Their thoughts were based on a pure timeless vision. It the work of an avant-garde group of an Italian architecture group who attacked the consumerist society; they proposed a superstructure that would wrap the whole world and eventually leave the earth featureless, they based their premise on the fact that globalization was inevitable and that in a short time the whole world could as well live in one huge mega structure that would strip away all the cultures of the world as we know them. Already this thought of architecture and design has shown to be of great influence especially when the thoughts of the great Trans Atlantic tunnel come to mind, the main purpose of the Superstudio was to eliminate the distracting environment of unnecessary actions. The limitless possibilities of joining the whole world by revolutionary forms of architecture is worth pursuing as the world keeps growing and becoming a smaller village, Superstudio were not wrong in envisioning such a global village where the whole world would live in one huge mega structure and the various cultures swept away. It is a picture of what is inevitable and prudent to do in the long run.
Peter Lang, William Menking (2003), Superstudio: Life Without Objects, Skira.

This depicts a world that is redesigned, geometrized and simplified; what begs is whether this really shows the image of the world? The buildings in this picture are as simple as they can be, there are no complexities, and the buildings are mainly block in nature with simple windows. This is the way buildings have always been built. The complexities that are associated with modern architecture are overlooked as being of less consequence, radical changes in design seem not to be encouraged at all. It is a stagnated idea and one that I think should be overlooked, as dynamic as the world is, then should the design of houses be dynamic too.
Great Works: Untitled, Or Figure In Front Of City Buildings (1920), George Grosz. Retrieved February 23rd 2012 from


Laszlo Moholy- Nagy (1942), Space-Time and the Photographer, American Annual of Photography.
Peter Lang, William Menking (2003), Superstudio: Life Without Objects, Skira
Great Works: Untitled, Or Figure In Front Of City Buildings (1920), George Grosz. Retrieved February 23rd 2012 from

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