Case Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives. Strategies and Interventions

Paper instructions:
Your task for this case assignment:

Please search the library and the web for a recent health promotion program in the US.

Then answer these questions:

What was the goal of this program? Why was this an important goal?
Did the planners attempt to change both behavior and environment? Please explain.
How were objectives of the health promotion plan established?
What were the strategies and the interventions? Would you have done anything differently?
Did the planners think about the future evaluation of the program? Was this appropriate?

MHD504 Module 4 – Case Program Implementation, Community Organizing, and the Marketing

Paper instructions:
Your task for this case assignment:

Please read the following article and answer the following questions:

Bullock K., McGraw S.A. (2006). A Community Capacity-Enhancement Approach to Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening among Older Women of Color, Health and Social Work 31(1) 16-25

1. What was the target community for this intervention?

2. Describe the processes of assessment, engagement, and implementation with an emphasis on community enhancement and community participation.

3. What factors contributed to the success of the intervention? What alternative avenues could have been pursued (i.e. what other types of interventions) to increase cancer screening in this community? Have such avenues been proven to be successful?

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