Tips On How To Make Your Scholarship Essay Stand Out

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Writing an essay for a scholarship competition is a very important task and needs to be approached with all the responsibility. Winning a competition can help you in the future immensely, and in order not to miss a unique chance, it is better to know how to get it right. If you want to create an outstanding essay, here’s how to do it.

Read instructions carefully
It is extremely important to read and understand the instructions correctly before you start writing. You may manage to write a great essay, but if some of the demands and guidelines are not followed, your work can be depreciated and ignored, no matter how genius it might be.
Be original
Judges have many applications to consider, so you need to make sure that your essay does stand out. Find an original idea or choose an ordinary subject and write about it in an unusual personalized way.
Understand the idea clearly
Before you start writing, you need to make sure that you know what you are going to write about and what exactly you want to tell the reader. Try to organize your thoughts and think about the message that you want to share with other people.
Write an outline
Creating an outline will help you structure your thoughts effectively. It will also help you follow the plan and not get lost at some of the writing stages. You can adjust your outline as you go, but having an approximate direction of where you are going with your plot development will be very helpful.
Write a body of an essay
First of all, write an engaging start to your essay. You need to make a reader interested in what you are going to discuss. In the following paragraphs, elaborate on the main ideas which you listed in the outline. The conclusion must be a short summary of your investigation and it may include your thoughts on the discussed topic. For some essays, it is suitable to intrigue the reader in the concluding part and to make him come up with his own solutions on the issue.
Use proper language
There are many types of essay, so the language used in each type might differ drastically. Make sure you choose the right language, be it a slang for an informal essay or formal keywords to demonstrate your competence and deep knowledge of the subject. No matter how complicated the discussed topic is, try to express your thoughts in a simple and concise language.
Proofread and edit
Grammar and spelling mistakes can prevent your essay from being accepted even if your piece of writing is great. A thorough check of your paper for any typos and mistakes is worth spending extra time on, as the scholarship investment can help you support yourself in your study. It is advisable to ask for help from a friend or mentor who has great proofreading skills.
Winning a scholarship competition can be life-changing, so do not be lazy and work hard on your essay before you submit it. You need to do your best to convince the scholarship committee that you are worth winning the competition. Preparing well, believing in yourself, showing passion and ambition to the judges will help you win the scholarship contest.

How to write a movie review for your College Assignment or Essay |

One of the biggest challenges to compose a movie review is to include all crucial details in the review by not finishing the curiosity of people to watch it. The unique tips for writing a movie review perfectly are suggested to the students by Essay Paper below. Students will come to know that how to write a movie review for college assignments through these suggestions. Each and every dimension of writing a movie review is mentioned properly so that a good movie review could be written perfectly for assignments.

Be Clear and Take a Stance in the Beginning about the Movie in your Review

While writing a movie review it is essential to let your readers know about the movie whether it’s awesome or just average. Then develop your statement in the further part of the review. It could be done by throwing examples from the movie. This is very important to generate interest in the readers about your review. For example if you are writing in the beginning that movie is going to be super hit then people must be curious to read further for the reasons which will makes it super hit. Similarly on the other hand if your judgment says that it is an average movie then in that case also people will develop an eagerness to know the reason behind it. Sample essays on movie review could be studies before writing a review for assignments.

Try to make it Interesting by knowing the Expectation of your Target Readers

You should have the expectation of your target readers what kind of stuff about the movie they are expecting. When you will be able to hook up their nose in the movie review it would be considered as ideal movie review. Read some professionally written movie reviews for this purpose. Movie review essay examples available from the authentic resources must be analyzed to get the ideas for writing a movie review.

Do not end the Gist of the Movie in your Review

Your movie review must not disclose the main interest of readers who are going to watch the movie. If you will splash that interest or gist of the movie in your review why would people go to theatre? A good movie reviewer always keeps this point in mind before writing a review. Always remember you are giving an idea to the readers whether to watch a movie or not, so do not create a scene of the movie in front of them. Essay Writing Help in Movie reviews is also available from professional writers in case you are not able to touch the right vein for composing a movie review.

Support your Statements with Examples

Examples are very important and required at every point of time whenever you are giving a general statement. Make sure that you should not sound awkward while writing a movie review by giving assertive statements. Your every statement needed to be given on the basis on movie context; otherwise readers are going to drop your review as good for nothing.

Give a Hint to the Readers Whether Movie is worth Watching or Not

When you are writing a movie review you should read the tips for writing a movie review before starting your review. This is because it will suggest you to accommodate you readers in a particular specific radius in your review of the movie. You readers must have an idea about the movie whether they should move towards the theatre or not. The main purpose behind reading a movie review is based upon it only. So make sure that you are not committing this mistake of ignoring the readers to let them suggest about whether they should watch it or not.

Have a Little Talk on the Artists, Shooting Destinations and Concept

This must be noted while writing the movie review that you cannot keep on talking about the movie and its plot. Away from that you are supposed to include some other interesting elements as well. For example, shooting destination of the movie and concept that lies underneath the movie must be discussed. It will also give a curiosity to the readers for watching the movie and they will observe these points while watching movie. A movie review written by the professionals gives brief details of the movie without revealing the plot and important gist of the movie.

Do not forget to talk about the Songs of the Movie

Songs are important elements of the movie. Some people are very keen to listen and watch them. For the purpose of their interest it is your duty being a movie reviewer to let your readers know about the songs of the movie. You are not supposed to go through the lyrics of a song through and through but give a flash review on them. This way a good movie review could be written for essay assignment.

Talk about the Theatre Techniques Used in Movie

There are so many theatre techniques that are being used in the movies in present time. All the credit could be given to the development of technology. Multi-dimensions view or pictography and print of the movie all should be described in a little brief way.

If you are given with the assignments on movie review writing by college and university professors, take help of Students Assignment Help. You will be able to get high quality movie reviews from the Assignments Helpers. Essay writing services provided to the students charge very nominal price from the students. As a result of which almost everyone can afford to this help for essay assignments in movie review. Our experienced and diligent writers are giving their help round the clock to our customers.

Writing Tips On How To Write Essay Quickly

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Usually, writing an essay takes some substantial amount of time and effort. The task gets more complicated if the essay needs to be written very quickly. Preparation is the key, so check out some simple tips for writing an essay when you have a limited amount of time.

Start early
One very wise man said that “well begun is half done”. Starting something is one of the most difficult stages of any process. If to talk about a creative process such as writing, everything is even more complicated. All creative people are subjected to procrastination, anxiety and any sorts of doubts about whether they can finish the task on time. To make a process develop, it is important to start no matter what, in order to make the inspiration flow. What’s more, the earlier you start, the better the results will be and the faster you will finish your essay.
Know your topic
It is important to hold in mind your topic all the time. You may keep the main subject of your investigation in front of you in a form of a sticky note or a printed reminder, in order not to lose the main idea while you put your thoughts on paper. It would be good to contemplate and envisage how your idea will develop before you start writing so that when you write, you will roughly know where you are heading. In such a way, it will be easier to write the essay quickly.
Write imperfect first draft
If you want to finish your essay as quickly as possible, start writing it without judging your text. You do not need to worry too much about the quality of your work at this stage. All you need to do is to express your idea as vividly as you can. Later on, you will be able to revise and edit your paper, but so far, constant thinking of small details will slow down the process. After writing the first imperfect draft, you will feel relieved, as your essay is almost ready and all you need to do is to correct small mistakes.
Decide which part you will write first
You may choose a traditional approach and start your writing with the introduction, continue developing the argument in the body paragraphs and finish your essay with the conclusion. However, many students find it useful to write the main body first, and only after that, they write an introduction and a conclusion. After the main part is ready, you are clear about the discussed idea, so it is much easier to formulate concise and powerful beginning and concluding parts. You can choose any of the options as long as you are comfortable with it and you are sure that it will help you write your paper quickly.
Put the essay aside for some time
You might face a tight deadline, but writing your paper in one sitting is not a good option and will not bring results that you need. Perhaps, you will reach your goal and manage to write your essay quickly, but the quality of your work will suffer. If time allows, put your piece of writing aside and get back to it later to review it with a fresh eye. This will help spot the errors that were not obvious to you previously.
Writing an essay is a challenging task, especially if you have time limitations. We hope that our tips can help you in completing your assignment successfully. Last but not least, do not forget to reward yourself for all your hard work!

Descriptive Essay writing Guide for College and University Students

Descriptive essay assignments are assigned to the students either at college level or University. Students should have pertinent idea about how to write a university essay introduction to start the assignment. Descriptive essay assignments help to the students is given by the experts for the completion of assignments. Students can also go with university level essay examples given on several authentic websites. This will help them to understand the entire process with example.

How to Starts writing a Descriptive Essay Assignment

In case you are not even able to start your descriptive essay you can take Essay Writing Help of professionals as well. To write a descriptive essay it should be kept in mind by the student to have the idea about topic. The idea about how to write an essay to the students is very important to write essay assignments. University essay examples on descriptive essays could be referred to the students for this purpose. The essay could be started with an introduction of the topic to your readers. The introduction of a descriptive essay is written in such a way that readers get to know about the topic very clearly at this very stage. This is because lack of concept and information regarding the topic in introduction force readers to ignore further reading. If you want to avoid this situation, take care of the interest of your readers in the introduction while starting your essay.

What is the Format of writing a Descriptive Essay?

The descriptive essay is divided into five major parts. These parts are needs to be written by keeping every dimension in your mind. For example you cannot afford to skip the important things like interest of readers, your target audience and special arguments of the topic. All these points much be in a chronological orders and be aware of not putting them in a haphazard manner. University essay structure could be studies by the students in order to know the format of writing a descriptive essay. There are several essays writing examples as well that can guide students to write good quality essay for their assignments. The opening part of the essay is introductions which make the readers know about your topic and what you want to discuss in the essay. Next part of the essay is thesis statement that is a line or two long and need to be written very carefully as it shows your motive for the essay. Thesis statement is followed by main body of the essay in which arguments are raised and supported with evidences. Then conclusion with solid solutions for the topic of essay is written at the end of the essay. Final step is of proofreading that save the students from submitting an erroneous assignment to the teachers.

Explain the Subject upon which a Descriptive Essay could be written

A descriptive essay subject could be a thing or incidence that students are supposed to describe along with relevant examples. Also it is supposed from the students to highlight the major issues of that essay topic. For example this subject could be the description of a festival or incidence that has happened in a region. By a great observation description of the festival or incidence could be written step by step. Students can take help from the Online Assignments Helpers as well to write such assignments given by the teachers.

How to write the Thesis Statement of a Descriptive Essay

Thesis statement is not a difficult task to write but the purpose of an essay must not be ignored in thesis statement. Note one thing in your mind always that your thesis statement is going to be the base of your essay. If thesis statements of the descriptive essay contradict with the main body of an essay it wouldn’t be considered as an ideal descriptive essay by the readers. So make sure that your thesis statement is in collaboration with the main essay that you are writing. The main gist of any essay lies in its thesis statement and a single mistake can finish the entire meaning of the essay if written incorrectly.

Tips for writing a good descriptive Essay for College and University Assignments

Here are some tips that are given to the students by Expert Essay Writers for writing a good descriptive essay. Students should follow these tips in order to make their essay like that of professionals. Essay Assignment Help for writing descriptive essays could also be taken by the students.

  1. Always keep the readers in your mind while writing a descriptive essay; it will help you to remains focused on your motif.
  2. Do not start writing an essay without having a clear idea about the topic and research on it.
  3. Collect some evidences for the issues that you are going to discuss in the essay and do not forget to substantiate your essay.
  4. Make sure that your thesis statement is not contradicting to what you are going to say in the main essay.
  5. Always bother about the interest of readers and write your essay by keeping the readers in mind always.

These are some tips that are going to help you in writing a good descriptive essay for your assignment. Students Assignment Help give best help to the students in writing their descriptive essay assignments for university and college. The help is provided from the experienced and renowned writers. As a result of which students can ask anytime to the assignments helper for
Make My Assignments on descriptive essay. You will be given with best help by us and that is too with on time delivery of the essay assignments. So do not delay to seek help from the experienced writers of at any point of time.

University Of Chicago. Obama Foundation Scholars Program 2018

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It was recently announced that the Obama Foundation Scholars Program will be launched in 2018. The interested candidates are invited to submit their applications in order to take part in the unique and innovative one-year experience. This new program at the Harris School of Public Policy is aimed at gathering emerging leaders in order to provide them with a quality education.

The main idea of the program is to support the studying of talented young scholars and facilitate the global positive change that they can potentially bring to the world.
The idea behind the program
The Scholars Program gives an opportunity to receive an additional training, gain new skills and develop the extraordinary abilities of those who already help the community. It is important to support the young rising leaders in order to make positive changes in the society and in the world in general. As President Barack Obama put it, “This partnership will give young people from around the world who are already making a difference in their communities the opportunity to take their work to the next level”.
The subjects covered will include economics, global conflicts and international development, to name a few. The main emphasis is on the fields the development of which can potentially facilitate solving complex global problems.
How to apply

Online application needs to be submitted.
Unofficial transcripts may be required to be submitted through the electronic application process.
Official transcripts will be required upon the admission of the enrolling students.
Test scores need to be provided for the international students.
A resume which includes your work experience as well as professional honors, community service activities and other relevant information.
Three letters of recommendations are preferred to be sent through the electronic application. At least one reference must be from a previous professor who can describe your academic achievements.
Two short essay responses need to be provided. You are supposed to tell about your current place of work and what impact you would want to make in the world.


The program is supposed to be launched in the fall of 2018; however, the applications need to be submitted before April 17, 2018.
The notifications of the admission will be received on May 31, 2018.
The latest date when you can confirm the acceptance is July 1, 2018.
The Harris Welcome Week will start on September 27, 2018.
The classes will begin on October 1, 2018.

If you feel that you are one of those who can greatly contribute to the positive change in your community and the world, make sure you apply on time. Perhaps, you are the one who is supposed to change the world for the better.

Helpful Essay Writing Tips

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Many students find it difficult to write a quality essay, especially if the topic is not of their interest. Even when the student likes the topic of the essay, there still might be difficulties. For example, too busy social life, time constraints or a lack of experience in writing an essay can hinder the process of creating the text.

Even the abundance of the available information on the subject can be an obstacle, as it will take more time and effort to process all data related to the topic of the paper. Check out some general tips that can make writing an essay easier and, hopefully, even enjoyable.
No matter whether you write a traditional five-paragraph essay or your piece of writing is in a narrative style, the introduction should grab reader’s attention. It needs to give a general idea without letting the reader know what is the conclusion. The beginning needs to be intriguing in order to make a person want to read further.
The main part
If you write a formal essay, here is the time to list the facts and examples. In the first paragraphs, you need to present the data that supports the main issue. After that, the key statement needs to be investigated from the opposing side. At the end of the main part of the essay, you need to compare both supporting and opposing arguments in order to make a reasonable conclusion.
In case you use a narrative style, the essay structure rules are less strict. Language may be not so formal and dialogues can be used for the effect. The storyline needs to make your essay become alive and visual for your readers. Drama and suspense can help such essay stand out.
In a formal style essay, a short and concise summary will be required to outline the results of the investigation which was discussed in the body of the essay. You can stress how important the subject of the discussion is, and it is better to avoid expressing your personal point of view. It is also good if you can manage to make the reader contemplate on the subject further and make him think of his own solutions.
If your essay is written in the narrative style, the conclusion must capture emotions of the reader and make him connect with your feelings expressed in the body of your text. Also, you need to give the reader feeling that the essay is complete. The ending may be unexpected and very surprising, but, most importantly, it should leave the reader satisfied.
Writing an essay is not an easy task and requires time and effort. If you approach your assignment with all the responsibility, you will be able to make it right and will get grades that you truly deserve.

Best Gifs Describing Your Pre-exam Mood

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Before every exam or just approving essay or paper – there are stages : realization, preparation with information and reliable sources, for some Google Academy Scholar to rescue students and to help them to make writing work the best way. Not every will think of issues of inspiration, lack of optimism, absence of ideas or knowledge on a specific area all this can even lead to anger, apathy, fatigue, depression. Our writes want to scuttle dark thougths and to join in the laugh on writing essays.

1) Hearing your topic for essay, not beleiving you will at least start it.

2) Analyzing sources and all you have found while surfing the Internet. Trying to understand scientific terminology and collect data.

3) After sleeples night of essay writing realixing it is already noon.

4) This day has come! The Exam Day.
5) But this is how you will yourself after examination and getting mark on your essay with essay writing service help!

A Quick Guide To Successful Business Writing

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We all know the importance of the effective communication in our everyday life. It is very useful to be able to put together an interesting and intelligent sentence which effectively passes the message to the other person.

The business environment is especially demanding in terms of expressing your thoughts in a correct, precise and a structured way. However, what can you do if the eloquence is not the strongest trait of your character? What if clear writing and speaking is not something that you can be proud of?
Experts point of view on the effective communication
Many of us can be in awe looking at those who seem to be so good at expressing their thoughts. This concerns listening to such people or reading their actual messages. However, not so many of us realize that the ability to communicate clearly and effectively is something that can be improved. In fact, this is a skill that can be cultivated and developed. In other words, with applied effort and determination anyone can become an effective communicator bringing success in all areas of life.
Effective business communication
The business environment in most cases is more demanding than other areas of our life. If we do not follow certain rules, the outcome, professional as well as personal, can be not the best one. Usually, the time to convey your message is limited due to the hectic nature of the business situations, so the ability to write clearly and quickly is very important in the corporate world. What makes a business communication effective and productive?
Thinking before expressing your thoughts
Either you write your insights on paper or type them on your computer, you need to think first of what is the main message of your speech and what reaction you expect from readers. If you made up your mind on what you are going to write about, the chances of getting a quality content will increase substantially. The material will be more structured and clear, and, as a result, the audience will take in your thoughts more efficiently.
Making your point right upfront
Being direct is very beneficial in the business environment. Time constraints make you think fast and clear. If in some other setting it is appropriate to make a summary at the end, in the business situations it is better to start with the main message at the very beginning. It might be a mistake to postpone the main idea to the middle or the end of your writing since the reader might get disinterested and bored half way of your text. Your idea might be brilliant, but if you do not state the main point of your text at the very beginning, it is very likely that your great thought will end up unheard.
Being specific
In business communication, it is important to be clear, simple and precise. No one has the time or desire to get into overcomplicated ideas or explanations. If one phrase can be substituted with one word, use that word. The simpler you sound, the more effective your communication will be. It is a widespread misconception that the bigger word you use, the more intelligent you look. In reality, the bigger number of people understands your simple words, the more talented and promising you will look.
Practicing regularly
Writing effectively is not an inborn trait and it can be learned and cultivated. Practicing your business writing regularly can uncover talents in you which can make you successful in the corporate world. Reading the quality material on the topic, writing as much as your time and determination allow, being consciously attentive to the word and sentence structure will help you accelerate in your endeavors to start writing effectively and concisely.
Becoming a skilled and influential business communicator is not an easy task. However, the good news is that if you are determined enough to see how good you can be in the business communication, you will be able to become a significant voice in your working environment. Certainly, you will need to work hard to see the desired changes, but the positive result will surprise you as well as your business surrounding.