Choke by Diana Lopez  

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Chapter 7( in teaching reading in todays middle schools by roe smith, chapter is about (Reading/Study Techniques) discussed the importance of reading and study techniques. As such, part of this technique is the use of reference material for better understanding. Reference materials may include encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.

You are going to put on your creative thinking cap for this activity. You are going to create a

reference -type material for the novel you read for this module.

In other words, you may create an encyclopedia or almanac for this novel. Perhaps, you have

seen them for the Harry Potter series? Or the Twilight series. They provide a guide to reading

the novel. They even include character motivations, setting references.

Chapter 7 in your course textbook provides the guide, you provide the creative touch. This type

of study guide can be teacher developed in order to provide the necessary scaffolding that

different learners may need for reading instruction. You are not creating a worksheet. You are

creating a guide to promote reading comprehension.

Keep in mind how you could develop various types of study guides for your classroom for the

same novel. Do remember that this activity is worth 62 points, so skimpy reference material will

not cut it. However, I am not able to tell you how much to include. You will need to use your

professional teacher judgment on this one.

Possible, but not limited to: Characters, settings, themes, etc.


Turn in as an attachment to the appropriate dropbox.


You will need to read the novel, Choke by Diana Lopez. The due date for this novel is available

on the course schedule.

According to interactive theories of reading, readers who read the same book may come away

with different understandings due to prior experiences. In order to see how your classmates

understood the novel, you will post your thoughts, opinions, experiences with the novel. Be sure

to include specific examples, page numbers, etc. with your thoughts. These will be posted on the

discussion board with the title: CHOKE. You will be required to read and respond to at least

TWO of your classmates’ postings in order to receive full credit.

Be sure to cut and paste your original response as well as the two responses you gave to

classmates. Paste these into a word document (.doc/.docx) and send to the assignment dropbox.

Some statement starters about the novel:

  • · This novel relates to my life……
  • · I think this novel relates to the novel……..
  • · The main character is like me in the following ways……
  • · I would recommend this novel because……..
  • · This novel relates to the real world………..


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