The student must indicate the page number where the evidence can be found.




To achieve the criteria the evidence must show that the learner is able to: Task




  1.1: Determine resource requirements for construction projects



  1.2: Perform calculations for project planning and cost analysis.



M1.2: Complex problems with more than variable have been explored











Summary of learning outcomes:


L01: Be able to apply analytical methods to construction problems


The following student tasks have been set to enable successful completion of this assignment.





Task 1: Assume you have been asked to determine the resource requirements for a rectangular building with two doors and two windows. The construction is to have a pitched roof of imitation slates. The company wishes to offer customers the same basic rectangular shape building however with different lengths and widths.


The building is to be constructed of brick outer skin and block work for the inner skin.


Obtain a set of formulae that will allow you to cost the construction given its length and height in metres.


Consider the following:


  • The volume of concrete required for the foundations.
  • The number of tiles required.
  • Itemising the electrical components
  • Plumbing



For each of the above requirements you are to use analytical methods in your approach to solving the problem.


Include a factor for costing each aspect of the construction identified above.

It is suggested that Excel is used to present the data.


Discuss how profit and loss may be represented using two straight line graphs. Variable and fixed costs and numbers of items sold must be taken into account.


Task 2: The construction company is currently hiring tradesmen to complete two separate projects based on the rectangular building design as above.


  • The wage allocated to each trade is to be the same for each project.
  • x is the wage of the plumbers and y is the wage of the electricians.
  • For project 1 there are 10 plumbers and 6 electricians with a total wage bill of £360000
  • For project 2 there are 20 plumbers and 10 electricians with a total wage bill of £670000


If the wage for plumber and electrician must be the same on each site calculate the plumbers wage and the electricians’ wage.



Task3: M1.2


Thermal insulation investigation.


The temperature loss through a certain type of insulation is given by the following equation.



T= 25e(-kw)


K is the insulation coefficient and w is the insulation thickness.


Plotting suitable graphs what are the two factors that will reduce the outside temperature to 0 degrees assuming the value of T is 25 Celsius on the inside of the building.



Your work should be word processed.





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