Cloud Computing

There is no doubt that in order to gain a competitive advantage, it is necessary to embrace technology. Cloud computing is one such technology I feel we should adopt.
Advantages of using cloud computing services in provision of IT services
This memo is on the cloud computing services provided to business organizations by IT firms. I propose the business organizations to acquire IT services from cloud computing or integrate the existing IT systems with the cloud. Researches on businesses show that there are more benefits that are associated with getting IT services from cloud service providers.
What are the advantages?
The main advantage of cloud computing to businesses will be the provision of IT services at very low rates. Small businesses will be able to integrate IT in their operation without making huge investment in purchasing IT equipment. Investment risks can be reduced by using cloud services as a test before making investment on IT facilities.
The use of cloud computing will reduce the need for IT staff. Companies that are using cloud computing have less IT staff. In comparison, the companies that use cloud services get more quality services from the cloud owners than those companies who depend on their staff in provision of services. The requirement for space in establishing a business will reduce since there will be no allocation for IT equipment storage.
The integrity and security of business data will be more upheld through the use of cloud computing. The services provided on the cloud ensure professional standards are met in storing information. The storage and retrieval of information is made efficient through the use of powerful infrastructure. The information stored in cloud is more protected through back up facilities that are distributed. In case of an emergency like fire outbreak in business premises, the business information remains intact within the cloud.
Cloud computing provides flexibility and scalability in businesses IT. The services provided are leased according to the business needs and can be adjusted. Wastage of IT resources in an anticipation of future growth can be reduced with cloud services. A service such as the size of disk storage is allocated according to the business needs and therefore reducing wastage.
Implementation of cloud services
The major issue on how existing businesses will be able to integrate cloud services in the existing IT resources. The effective continuation of business processes is the main issue to be considered. The implementation of cloud computing can be done in all types and sizes of business. The services depend on the nature of business and the type of service required. The integration to existing system is simple and it can be easily tested by running the current system in parallel with the cloud. This mode of implementation ensures there is no breakdown of business activities.
Can cloud computing provide all the services necessary to business?
The cloud is capable of providing all IT solutions to businesses. Cloud computing involves the provision of infrastructure, support and software and application services. All the services can be acquired from a single provider of cloud services or from different service providers. Software and application services include mail hosting services, accounting software, domain hosting and storage of information among others.
What are the risks associated?
Companies getting services from the cloud are at a lower risk of losing their business. The data storage mechanisms in cloud are more secure. Rogue employees in a business cannot be able to destroy business information in cloud system.

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