All  colleges  have means of recruiting new students to their schools. Some use radio spots while others use mailers and even internet ads. There are numerous ways for  college  recruiting to take place in the digital age we currently live in.

 College  recruiting requires a recruiter for each school. These recruiters are responsible for luring possible students to their schools using a variety of strategies. Some are allowed to use discounted application fees for persons who have served in the military, while others play on the possibility of scholarships and tuition being paid to get new students to join their establishments.

There are some  college  recruiting specialists that look specifically for those students that are inclined to play on their sports team such as baseball, soccer, football and basketball. These recruiters have fallen under scrutiny the last 10 years where unscrupulous schemes were used to lure students to their schools. This includes offering money, valuable gifts and the like to get a student to sign to their school. This is generally not done on those students who have prior  college  experience, but those who play high school sports and are new high school graduates with dreams of playing in the pro leagues.

However the  college  recruiting is done, the end result desired is the same: more students attending  colleges .  Colleges  are able to get federal funding from the government depending on the number of students that attend during any one fiscal year. Many alumni of large  colleges  will leave a financial endowment to the school. An endowment is money or property that is donated to the school that must be invested in the school and the principal has to stay at the school for a specific time frame. This allows the endowment to have a longer impact on the school. Recruiters have to work sometimes very hard, because many alumni will require that the student count not fall below a certain number in order for their endowment to stay intact. So  college  recruiting is just as fierce as the race for public office.

The  colleges  with the most  college  recruiting efforts as well as the largest endowments are Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton and the University of Texas System in that order. With number one having a total endowment of over $34,000,000 it is no wonder  college  recruiting is such a fierce market. Getting students to agree to a  college  that is too close or too far from home can be a job in itself. Many high school students have not ever ventured to many other states, and to others it is attractive to move far from home to attend. The type of student the recruiter is working with will determine how hard the recruiter has to work. For students whose family is active in helping them find a  college  to attend, the recruiter must work very hard. Impressing the parent(s) of a student is the first step in getting them to agree to allow their child to attend the specific  college .

 College  recruiting can take place on the campus of a  college , online, through telemarketing and even in the mail box. Now more than ever students are more aware of the opportunities to go to  college , and are trying to decide where to take advantage of it.

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