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COMM 3 Main Assignment
Reporter’s Research/Story Plan Assignment Details
Prepare a comprehensive plan that: a) identifies the topic you have chosen for your final assignment and explains why you have chosen this topic b) outlines the primary and secondary research sources you will be using c) describes the specific types of information you will be seeking and why d) identifies the person or persons you will be interviewing and explains why these people are important and relevant to the article e) provides a list of the questions you plan on asking the subject during the interview.
Note: you may choose a topic of current public/media interest, historical interest, or something with a human interest angle (eg. The Most Interesting Person I’ve Ever Met).
This “pitch” should be written in a manner that helps to sell the story, in other words it should not be dry and academic. In the real world often an editor is persuaded by the enthusiasm of the pitcher and the fact that the proposal itself is so well-written and gripping.
Length is irrelevent, but brevity is appreciated. When you have fulfilled what I ask for above, you are done.
Due Week 3
Interview with Story Principal Assignment Details
Submit two versions of your interview with the interviewee: a) a full, unedited transcript of the interview, including all your questions and the interviewee’s answers. b) a shorter version that includes only the portions you intend using in the Final Assignment.
Due week 7
Final Assignment — Feature Article Incorporating Interview and Other Research Details
A -word feature article based on your interview and research from other sources. Include a separate sheet referencing your specific primary and secondary sources.
Due week 11
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