This paper deals with gender from your own unique perspective and experience. Think about your performance of gender generally or in a specific context.  Then discuss and analyze this performance from a theoretical perspective.

Start with a thesis

You need a clear thesis statement in your introduction to give the paper focus and direction.  Please underline your thesis so I can clearly identify it.  Here are a few examples of thesis statements, but be sure to develop your own:

The absence a father figure led me to actively seek out masculine models in hopes of learning masculinity.

My traditional culture compels me to act hyper-masculine even in a changing world.

Helping to raise my three siblings developed my competency with traditional feminine roles.

My gender shifts further away from conventional femininity as I expand into androgyny through the performance of music.

Body of the paper

Do not write a general account of your life or childhood.  Instead, the body should be limited to material advancing your thesis.  1] First, give an account of your experience using relevant details of events, concrete observations, messages communicated, statements made, etc.  2] Second, apply a course theory to your experience.

Please keep the body organized…this is not a stream-of-consciousness journal entry.  I’d recommend outlining your paper before you write it.


End with an insightful or evaluative conclusion.  What critical questions does your experience raise?  How does your experience shed light on the nature of gender?  Family systems?  Parenting?  How is your chosen theory useful?  Etc.

**Note the following technical requirements.**  Erring from these will affect your grade:

– Length must be 5 pages (5 FULL pages minimum – 5 ½ pages maximum).

– Use TNR 12 font and standard margins.

– Double-space.

– Proofread for spelling and grammar.

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