Candy Crush
This assignment asks you to do something you’ve been asked to do dozens of times before, but (I’m willing to bet) never have – read the entire Terms of Service (TOS), Privacy Policies, End- User License Agreements (EULA), or Data Usage Policies of one of the Web Services, Social Media Sites, or Mobile Games you use. For example:Alexa (app), Facebook, Fortnite, Instagram, Snapchat Solitaire, Twitter, Google Home, (app) Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Tinder, eHarmony,, Plenty of Fish, Candy Crush, Pokemon Go!, Farmville, Sonic Dash, League of Legends, Bumble, etc…There are many, many more sites, services, devices, games, and social networks that might form the basis of your paper. The only stipulation you need to respect is that the service, game, or network be ‘Free.’ The object of this assignment is to begin the process of thinking critically about the new media environment we encounter every day and to develop our understanding of the ‘water within which we swim’.
Directions: Choose an object of study from the list above or one of your choosing. As long as it’s free to use, you’re good to go. Read the entirety of the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, EULA, Data Use Policy, and/or any other supplementary policies, guidelines, or terms. Often, there will be a number of related or linked policies that describe how your data, usage information, content, and/or personal details will be used. Why is that? Consult as many of these policies as you need to determine how these sites and services can offer the kinds of things they do without charging a fee to use them. Pay particular attention to the ways in which the content you (or your contacts) generate, the data trail you (or your contacts) leave behind, and the information you (or your contacts) share, allow the site, service, app, or game to continue operating free of charge.
Additional Notes on Page Count, Format & Citation• You need to have at least 3 different scholarly sources (Course sources are fine)• Spelling, grammar, sentence structure, flow, and diction naturally contribute to theoverall effectiveness of your writing and will therefore be taken into consideration.• Your paper should be double-spaced with 1.5” margins on the left and right and 1” margins on the top and bottom. Use a 1 pt font of your choice. (Standard Settings)• Your bibliography (yes, you need a bibliography!) does not count towards the overall page count.• In other words, you need to have at least four pages of your own writing.• Please do not include a title page. Place your name & student number at thebeginning of the paper along with the paper’s title (make it catchy).• There should be no superfluous spacing or unnecessarily large margins.• Don’t consider, not even for one-half-of-a-millisecond, plagiarizing your paper. Be proud of your work and your intelligence. You’re an incredibly smart and talented person. Show that off, rather than your capacity to copy and paste from a website I’ve already read.• This paper requires some research on your part. When citing texts, journal articles, books, etc., please use the APA citation style.• Come see us or the good people in the Writing Support Desk (Leddy Library) if you need any further assistance.

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